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  1. uniÓn de crÉditos inmobiliarios, s.a., establecimiento financiero de crÉdito (sociedad unipersonal) c/ retama 3. 28045 madri
  2. The intermediated loans are to finance small investments by: SMEs and mid-caps into tangible and intangible assets, including purchase or renovation of assets, long-term working capital, etc. Local authorities and public sector entities or private promoters of any size, in projects promoting at least one of the EIB's priorities
  3. PF4EE - Unlocking Europe's energy savings potential through Private Finance for Energy Efficiency PF4EE operates through financial intermediaries across the European Union. Find out more about these powerful partners through the map. Belgium Poland Latvia Portugal Croatia Czech Republic Greece Italy Spain France More info. Latest from PF4EE. 15 June 2020 Banks from Poland and Latvia now.
  4. The EIB is the majority shareholder of the European Investment Fund (EIF), which provides funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through venture capital and risk finance instruments. Other shareholders are the European Commission and financial institutions from across Europe. Established in 1994, the Fund is active in all EU countries, prospective member countries, Liechtenstein and Norway
  5. Information for financial intermediaries. Read how to apply for EFSI financing. What is EFSI? The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) was launched in July 2015 as a joint initiative between the EU and the European Investment Bank (EIB) Group, of which the EIF is part. EFSI is the financial pillar of the EU's Investment Plan for Europe and has two components: the Infrastructure and.
  6. A financial intermediary is best described as an institution which acts as a go between, channelling money between lenders and borrowers. This can be a commercial bank or another type of finance company (eg. an insurance or investment company) and even private equity funds. These private equity funds will typically borrow some of their funding from a bank (in this case the EIB) and then on.
  7. Die EIB im Überblick back. Überblick; Unsere Prioritäten; Unsere Initiativen; Globale Herausforderungen gemeinsam meistern; Governance und Struktur back. Überblick; Anteilseigner; Satzungsmäßige Organe; Kontrolle und Evaluierung; Organisationsstruktur; Unternehmensverantwortung back. Überblick; Finanzierung ; Mittelbeschaffung; Menschenrechte; Berichterstattung über die Nachhaltigkeit.

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website: https://www.belfius.be/professional/fr/accompagnement/partenariats/aide-conseils/eib/index.asp Eximbank Magyar Export-Import Bank Zrt. Magyar Exporthitel Biztosító Zr EIF selects financial intermediaries according to a standard process involving due diligence and proof of compliance with relevant standards and legislation. For further questions, interested financial intermediaries may contact efsi_equity@eif.org. For final beneficiaries (SMEs, Small Mid-Caps, Social Enterprises and Social Sector Organisations) Further information for financial intermediaries. A dedicated EIF Covid Infobox has been created for financial intermediaries to centralise any questions related to the EIF's covid-19 response measures: covid-fi(at)eif.org. Accessing finance for SMEs and mid-caps. Check here the EIF's current network of financial intermediaries in your country. Our existing partners have been at the. Over the last few years, the EIB has increased its support to small businesses through intermediated lending products such as Multi-Beneficiary Intermediated Loans (MBILs). The Bank provides funding to banks, leasing companies or other financial institutions that on-lend the EIB funds to final beneficiaries

Frankfurt School's Master Class on EIB Environmental & Social Sustainability Management is a comprehensive qualification for practitioners in financial intermediaries, loan officers, risk managers or other interested persons. It prepares you for the challenge of serving your clients in changing and increasingly competitive environments, while considering social and environmental risks in your operations. Further Information is also available o website: https://www.bgk.pl/kontakt/placowki/ - See website for contacting the nearest regional BGK offic

Update for financial intermediaries as at 15 December 2020: On 13 October 2020, the European Commission decided to prolong and extend the scope of the State Aid Temporary Framework adopted on the 19 March 2020 to support the economy in the context of the coronavirus outbreak for additional six months i.e. until 30 June 2021 (included) Under EaSI, EIF has been entrusted by the European Commission to manage the following financial instruments: EaSI Guarantee Instrument. to increase access to finance for social enterprises, micro-enterprises and vulnerable groups. EaSI Capacity Building Investments Window The Financial Intermediaries shall provide EIF with quarterly and annual reporting as further specified in the section Miscellaneous of the Annex II and Annex III to this Open Call for Expression of Interest. The reporting shall follow the Invest Europe reporting guidelines and International Private Equity and Venture Capital Investor (IPEV) Reporting Guidelines, but should contain. Financial intermediaries should also consult the offering of implementing partners active in their regions proposing relevant products: it is up to them to select financial intermediaries through procedures such as calls for expressions of interest. Eligible InvestEU Implementing Partners, in addition to the EIB Group, will be listed on this website. Small mid-caps, SMEs and social or micro.

Financial intermediaries Region of activity Type of finance Amount of finance Investment focus Additional information Sources of finance ProCredit Bank Phone: 00 40 21 201 60 0 The EIB is also reviewing its transparency and environmental policies in 2021. The EIB and the EBRD need to make their lending through financial intermediaries fully transparent, at least for risky projects such as hydropower plants, so that any concerns can be raised before the damage is done

The size of the EIB credit line to the financial intermediary will be set within prudential limits according to the expected pipeline of final beneficiaries' projects over the forthcoming two years. Individual sub-loans granted by the financial intermediary will be within an agreed range and their tenor has to be similar to that of the credit line, which can range up to 10 years. Final. EIB is a leading Independent Insurance Intermediary and Financial Services Company established in 1989 and restructured in 1992. Executive Directors Stephen Clayton and Gordon Harris have been with the company since inception with Karl Birkhauser joining in 2012. EIB offers a highly personalised professional service to both corporate and private individuals specialising in Financial Services. Requiring Paris-aligned decarbonisation plans from corporate borrowers and financial intermediaries is the least the EIB can do to ensure it is part of the solution, not the problem. In fact, the commercial financial sector is already doing that, so it is disappointing the EU's financial arm is still dawdling. Raise the bar on transparency and human rights. As the EIB's Climate Bank. Financial intermediary lending is much higher risk than lending directly, due to its hands-off nature, so it is vital EIB comes clean. How else can we be sure it is living up to its new climate commitments to tackle fossil fuel financing? CEE Bankwatch Network published a blog exploring case studies of where EIB intermediary lending has caused social and environmental harms. Ilovac in.

Alongside direct financing of projects, the EIB works through financial intermediaries. The use of these intermediaries has skyrocketed in the past 20 years and now represents a third of the banks' activities. These intermediaries are other public or commercial banks and investment funds that make use of EIB's support to finance smaller projects and companies. The result? It is nigh. Financial institutions can also benefit from the NCFF as investors, providing match funding for the NCFF financing or as financial intermediaries helping the EIB to invest its funds. Both beneficiaries and financial intermediaries will need to demonstrate that they have the necessary technical, operational, and financial competence and skills to implement the proposed operation Letter to the EIB on financial intermediaries and tax havens. Please, find here the letter as a PDF-file: 2016_10_11 - Greens-EFA Letter to the President of the EIB - Financial I Category: Uncategorized Please share! Latest tweets from Sven. By loading the tweet, you accept Twitter's privacy policy. Find out more. Load content. Always unlock Twitter tweets. Action. Urgent Petition: Save. For further details on available financial intermediaries please choose your country from the main menu. NEWS . 04/07/2020 EIB Southern Africa SME and Microfinance Academy Report 2020. The European Investment Bank (EIB) in collaboration with the Technical Service Provider Frankfurt School of Finance & Management organized the EIB... Read more 03/24/2020 Online Course: Financial Development and. Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development - HBOR. Strossmayerov trg 9. 10000 Zagre

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  1. Where cities are considering requesting EIB funding, analyse the possibility to co-finance with EIB funding including potentially through application of EFSI support. Helping cities fill specific gaps in project/investment programme preparation to bring a project/investment programme to a bankable stage, for example in areas such as financial and economic analysis, demand analysis.
  2. Polígono Can Sant Joan, Centro Banc Sabadell Sena 12. E-08174 SAN CUGAT DEL AVLLES. Countries. Spai
  3. Such financing may be provided directly by the EIB, the EIF, the EBRD or National Promotional Banks or through financial intermediaries or dedicated vehicles. More specifically, capital support operations under InvestEU will be implemented as all other financing and investment operations
  4. additional information: https://leasingsolutions.bnpparibas.nl/onze-producten/ontwikkel-mijn-verkopen/rollend-materieel
  5. Financial intermediary lending: Financial intermediaries and size of loans are detailed but further information is limited. Explanation Transparency of climate finance data. The European Investment Bank (EIB) has provided the project level data underlying its submission to the MDB joint report in PDF format for 2016-2019. The release in the PDF format makes it difficult to do in depth analysis.
  6. For its part, the EIF (the venture capital specialist subsidiary of the EIB Group) is offering specific EU-backed guarantees to financial intermediaries that will help to mobilise up to €8 billion. The EIB Group is playing a key role in directly combating COVID-19 by supporting EU efforts to halt the spread of the pandemic, find a cure for the illness and develop a vaccine
  7. And there lies a chance for the EIB to amend its ways. This year, the bank is developing action plans for its Climate Bank Roadmap, which will include measures to ensure that all of its clients, including financial intermediaries, are Paris-aligned. This process can be used to close many loopholes and put a full stop to the EIB's blank.

The EIB is launching a call for tenders (open procedure) with the aim of establishing multiple Framework Agreements ['FWA'] with specialised Consultants to support the EIB, in particular the Advisory Services Department in collaboration with the operations and projects directorate, to provide advisory services to financial intermediaries in the areas of SME and MidCap Finance and Climate. bzw. 36% der größte Teil der EIB-Ausleihungen in diesem Zeitraum. Es folgen die Darlehen für den Verkehrssektor mit 1,2 Mrd EUR bzw. 21% und für die Förderung von Gesundheits- und Bildungsprojekten mit 705 Mio EUR bzw. 13%. europa.eu. europa.eu. For information on available EIB partners [...] please consult the list of intermediary banks and financing institutions for global loans. eib. • The Financial Intermediary can be selected (by the Managing Authority, or by the EIB/EIF if entrusted by the MA) OR openaccesscan be granted to all the Banks that apply (pros and cons of the two alternatives). 10. Funding agreement (1) •A Funding Agreement (FA) is required when: • The MA makes a contribution into a Financial Intermediary, which will implement the FI; • The MA. The European Investment Bank (EIB), for instance, has identified energy efficiency finance as one of its priorities. It offers multiple instruments to both public and private sector, including dedicated credit lines through local financial intermediaries or direct framework loans to promote projects. EIB also manages and/or co-finances several funds and facilities, such a However, the EIB signed fewer risk-sharing agreements with financial intermediaries than expected, due to lengthy and complex ex-ante due diligence and delegation arrangements (paragraphs 24 to 29). Recommendation 1 - Promoting the justified use of higher-risk EIB products under EFS

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European Investment Bank (EIB) Instead, it works through banks and other financial intermediaries. It uses either its own funds or those entrusted to it by the EIB or the EU. According to its Articles of Agreement, the Funds is active in EU member states, in candidate countries and in potential candidate countries. Website: www.eif.org. Role of the Administration of International and. In the context of the Pan European Guarantee Fund (EGF), certain financial intermediaries (FIs) applying for the Call for Expression of Interest (the Call) will make available to the European Investment Fund (EIF) certain information of a non-public, confidential and proprietary nature. This document (the Terms of Confidentiality) sets out how Confidential.

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EIB operations are particularly opaque when the bank lends to projects through an intermediary financial institution - a 'middle man' - which is especially problematic given that this lending makes up a lion's share of the bank's overall portfolio. In 2020 almost 40 per cent of all EIB loans were credit lines for financial intermediaries. The bank considers these as 'low risk. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit non-bank financial intermediaries - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen implement this instrument, which will be delivered both directly by EIB and also by financial intermediaries (such as banks). Financial intermediaries will be guaranteed against a proportion of their potential losses by EIB and/or EIF, which will also offer counter-guarantees to guarantee institutions. This is a demand-driven instrument, with no prior allocations between sectors, countries or. 32. Encourages the EIB to restrict any support for financial intermediaries outside the EU only to local institutions not operating in offshore financial centres, which have a substantial local ownership and are equipped to implement a pro-development approach supporting the specificity of local SMEs in each country; asks the EIB to report on the implementation of this recommendation in 2012 The EIB's Approved Financial Intermediaries' (AFI) policy foresees the disbursements of business loans in Namibian Dollar only . All loan applications must be submitted to the EIB's Approved Financial Intermediaries (AFI) in Namibia. The AFI is then responsible for selecting and appraising eligible projects/applications. For larger projects, the AFI will submit the funding requests to the.

especially when implemented by financial intermediaries, and that continuous monitoring of operations on the ground should be ensured; stresses that the EIB needs to deal with complaints in a transparent and effective manner ensuring that local . AD\1227029EN.docx 5/7 PE661.776v02-00 EN communities have access to independent entities such as a reinforced EIB complaint mechanism with effective. While all financial intermediaries participating in PF4EE are entitled to equally benefit from the instrument's three abovementioned components, each bank is invited to individually shape its activities under PF4EE according to the local market's needs. Santander, for instance, announced to on-lend the EIB loan primarily for financing investments in the Spanish hotel and tourism industry. The three UK banks who will act as financial intermediaries for the EIB's UK SME activity are well-known to the Bank from previous credit lines. RBS is borrowing GBP 250 million from the EIB directly to benefit smaller firms. As part of its recent recapitalisation, RBS agreed to maintain the availability of lending at 2007 levels and it will use the EIB funds in support of this commitment. Financial instruments can be provided by the EU through financial intermediaries in Member States (shared management) to support its policies and programmes. Start-ups, micro companies, and larger businesses can all benefit from this type of funding. Access to finance supported by the EU. Funding under partnership with the European Investment Bank. The European Investment Bank (EIB) offers.

which financial intermediaries on-lend to final recipients in order to further improve their financing conditions; • Expert Support Facility to help financial intermediaries effectively assess energy efficiency projects. For further information on the PF4EE, please contact the European Investment Bank (PF4EE_Instrument@eib.org Subsequently, five other financial intermediaries, which were, in addition, already customers of the EIB, became aware of [...] the loss of their customers to the first intermediary, displayed their dissatisfaction with this situation and requested from the EIB the opportunity to extend subsidised loans to their customers too (the EIB), is to select eligible financial institutions to become Financial Intermediaries under the InnovFin Mid-cap Guarantee facility (the Facility or MCG), window of the single Union debt financial instrument, as further described below. All applications for guarantees under the Facility to be submitted to the EIB should be conform to this Open Call for Expression of. EIB financing is available directly and through intermediaries Targeted financial products existing for energy efficiency and under development (e.g PF4EE, SFSB, EFSI and investment platforms) Technical Assistance is available to develop large scale EE programmes (e.g. ELENA and European Investment Advisory Hub 03/12/2019 . THANK YOU Louise White l.white@eib.org More information at: www.eib. Therefore, the partnership between financial institutions like the EIB and European delegations, practitioners and other international organisations needed to be reinforced to optimise the allocation of limited resources of the EIB in TC. After the keynote, best practices of TC/FC cooperation from the field of sustainable infrastructure were presented: Ina de Visser (Programme Director, City.

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rates to financial intermediaries (local partner banks) which then on-lend them to beneficiaries. • EIB creates leverage by requesting financial intermediaries to match the funds provided by EIB loans with at least an equal amount. • Financial intermediaries must pass on a financial benefit to the beneficiaries, in most cases in the form of a favourable interest rate. • EIB has no direct. financial intermediaries - banks and funds that redistribute EIB's money, typically to smaller projects. This Standard is relevant because a significant proportion of investments in small hydropower plants go through financial intermediaries, and so far these have been hidden from the public eye because of banking secrecy rules.4 While the previous policies apply to all sectors, the bank. Title: Microsoft Word - NGO briefing on EIB & Financial Intermediaries_Sept2018 Author: Xavier Sol Created Date: 9/26/2018 12:48:11 P

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Currently, PF4EE financing for energy savings projects is available in the following countries: Belgium (Belfius), Croatia (Zagrebačka Banka), Czech Republic (Komerční Banka), France (Crédit Coopératif), Greece (Piraeus), Italy (BPER), Latvia (ALTUM), Pland (BNP Paribas Bank Polska), Portugal (BPI) and Spain (Santander). These financial intermediaries offer preferential PF4EE loans for. Lending decision remains with the financial intermediary. Joint Financial and non-Financial Instruments In addition to its traditional lending activity, EIB is complementing its action towards the development of the EE financing market in the EU with a number of initiatives in cooperation with the European Commission, notably: EEEF: European Energy Efficiency Fund JESSICA: Joint-European.

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Roggenbuck also criticised the roadmap for lacking guidance on the selection of trustworthy clients and financial intermediaries. A previous Bankwatch analysis showed that between 2013 and 2019, the EIB provided €4.7 billion of EU public money to companies with high shares of coal in power and heat generation. This policy loophole needs to be closed to ensure the EIB is no longer. cial intermediaries or co-finance projects alongside them, potentially working to extend the overall tenor of the debt or through a subordinated loan. Supporting the EU's climate change and environmental policy objectives, this debt fund focuses on financing small-scale energy efficiency and renewable energy investments. The EIB's participation will encourage a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Comment: As young people, we urge financial institutions to stop financing fossil fuels. EIB is one of the more progressive development banks on climate action, analysis published Wednesday by E3G found - but none of the nine major multilateral development banks, including the EIB, were fully aligned with the Paris Agreement struck in 2015 According to EIB website, the project will support the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-caps in Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. As part of the overall response to COVID-19, the operation will support financial intermediaries with temporary emergency measures to facilitate the provision of liquidity to SMEs and mid-caps and thereby contribute to.

(13) Eligibility to receive EIB financing for climate change mitigation under the EU guarantee could be added value in comparison with market financing. The financial intermediaries' activities in support of SMEs should be fully transparent and be reported regularly to the EIB. (20) While the EIB's strength remains its distinctiveness as an investment bank, under this Decision the EIB. In this context, where the EBRD and the EIB/EIF agree to co-finance a project, the Banks will consider issues related to the respect of one another's standards, in particular in the areas of integrity, transparency, corporate governance, accounting standards, environment and procurement, the possibility to submit their offer to the client under a joint proposal and as a joint package, and the. The fi-compass internal training 'Integrated building renovation services via financial intermediaries', co-organised by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), took place online on 26 April 2021. This internal training, dedicated to European Commission staff, was aimed at raising awareness about the. The European Investment Bank (EIB), for instance, has identified energy efficiency finance as one of its priorities. It offers multiple instruments to both public and private sector, including dedicated credit lines through local financial intermediaries or direct framework loans to promote projects. EIB also manages and/or co-finances several funds and facilities, such as . European Fund for. Through its actions under 'Access to Risk Finance', Horizon 2020 supports companies and other types of organisations engaged in R&I such as research centres, universities, public-private partnerships, special-purpose companies or projects, and joint ventures, to gain easier access to debt and equity financing. Particular support is required.

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Paris-Alignment of all EIB clients, including financial intermediaries and making any public support via the EIB conditional on company-level science based targets and credible, asset-level and timebound decarbonisation plans aligned with the Paris Agreement. There should be clear guarantees that the EIB's support will contribute to the goal of its client to become Paris-aligned and will. Calls on the EIB to follow the country-by-country reporting in order to combat the financing of illegal activities; considers that, in order to be eligible for EIB financing, all beneficiaries, whether corporations or financial intermediaries, that are incorporated in different jurisdictions must be obliged to disclose country-level information about their sales, assets, employees, profits and. The Project aims at ensuring that EIB's SME and Microfinance loan facilities are allocated to creditworthy Final Beneficiaries and that a number of up to 41 Financial Intermediaries (FIs) are endowed with sustainable internal structures to be able to continuously support the East and Central African MSME sector. This will be achieved through the implementation of the following components.

Notwithstanding the above, the EIB is always represented in one of the levels of governance (e.g. the Investment Committee) in the case of investments and also the financial intermediaries are subject to reporting obligations on the use of Global Loans, allowing the Bank to monitor these • A loan to the financial intermediary to be on-lent for EE Energy efficiency investments are a priority for EIB EIB financing is available directly and through intermediaries Targeted financial products existing and under development (e.g PF4EE, SFSB, EFSI and investment platforms) Technical Assistance is available to develop large scale 25 EE programmes (e.g. ELENA and European. The fifth edition of the Certificate in Law and Regulation of Inclusive Finance wrapped up on 28 January 2021, regulators and financial intermediaries, facilitating academic and non-academic cooperation. EIB Group staff teach courses on sustainable finance, microfinance at the EIB, banking law and impact measurement. This year, the online format allowed more participants to attend and. Emphasises the need for a high level of transparency on the part of the financial intermediaries used by the EIB (commercial banks in particular, but also microfinance institutions and cooperatives), in order to ensure that intermediated loans are subject to the same transparency requirements as other types of loans; 41. Welcomes the EIB's Economic Resilience Initiative (ERI) as part of the.

Financial Provisions (Covid-19) Act 2020Financial EnvironmentPPT - EWEA – EWEC 2007, Milan, 9 th May 2007 New Wind

Stresses the need for the EIB to have reliable and complete information on beneficial ownership of the final recipients of the EIB funds, including in cases where the financing relies on private equity funds; urges the EIB, therefore, to reinforce its due diligence procedure and transparency when working with financial intermediaries; considers that using criteria for selecting financial. Financial intermediary: When the EIB does not directly finance FEMIP projects, it may do so indirectly via credit lines in favour of commercial banks or other financial intermediaries. europarl.europa.e This manual presents ideas for pro-active energy efficiency loan pipeline development through financial intermediaries. It covers: (1) internal capacity building, (2) identification of clients, and (3) acquisition of clients. download. 11 April 2019 Showcase: Watt Matters/ Rue Marius Renard (Belgium) This showcase presents PF4EE-financed energy efficiency improvements in an apartment building.

As established by EIB funding criteria for reconstruction and restoration projects following natural disasters, the global loans to Sri Lanka and the Maldives benefit from downward modulation of the interest rate and the intermediaries may finance up to 75% of project cost with the EIB funds (rather than up to 50%, which is the usual limit) Type of finance. Loan/ Guarantee. Equity/ Venture capital. Investment focus. Covid 19 - EU support All sectors/ general Digitalisation Leasing Research, development, innovation Start-up, early stage Expansion stage (growth) Cultural and creative sectors ICT sector Life Sciences Cleantech Social enterprises. Sources of finance

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Operational Agreement to be signed between the EIB and the selected Financial Intermediary Investment agreements between the Financial Intermediary and the enterprises Governance Contribution from the participating Member State to the EIB Conditions for the new debt finance Non eligible activities and exclusion criteria Financial Instrument Account. instruments, together with grants, technical assistance and additional financing from the EIB Group. As part of this package, we are pleased to announce that the EIB has put in place a EUR 1bn programme loan facility, to provide long-term affordable financing through financial intermediaries, to SMEs (including farmers) active in agriculture and bio-economy value chains. The package includes a. EIB loans can be used to finance all tangible and intangible investments. BEI: PMI Italia II Fund: Lån/ garanti, Aktie- och riskkapital: All sektorer / allmänt: SME Bonds: EFSI: Equita Private Debt Fund II: Lån/ garanti, Aktie- och riskkapital: All sektorer / allmänt: Excluded: non-ethical sectors, financial firms, real estate firms, start-ups or early stage firms and firms under insolven Overview. As part of the public consultation on the EIB Group Transparency Policy the EIB will be organising a webinar for interested stakeholders on. Wednesday 10 February from 10:00 to 12:30 (CET). The event will be held via Webex.To join the webinar on the day, please click here.. Thomas Östros, Vice-President of the EIB, will open the event

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