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Adverbs for emergence include emergently and emergingly. Find more words at wordhippo.com Emergence synonyms. Top emergence synonyms (adverbs) are increase, rise and naturally

Emerging; coming into view or into existence; nascent; new. (botany) Taller than the surrounding vegetation. (botany) Having leaves and flowers above the water. (video game) Having gameplay that arises from its mechanics, rather than a linear storyline Request PDF | The emergence of 'Adverb + Complementsier' epistemic markers in Catalan | This article explores for the first time the emergence and syntax of structures conveying subjective. Emergence of modal meanings in adjective/adverb categories: A contrastive analysis from English and Japanese Mika Shindo Kyoto University The notion of modality has long been researched by focusing mostly on verbal forms, especially on modal auxiliaries. In the framework of grammaticalization, analyses from the English adjective category (Vandewinkel and Davidse 2008, Van linden 2010) have.

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  1. Adjektive / Adverbien emergent Adj. aufstrebend emergent Adj. auftauchend emergent Adj. austretend emergent Adj. emergent fachsprachlic
  2. Adjektive / Adverbien emergency Adj. Not... emergency... Not... in an emergency im Ernstfall emergency-released Adj. notgelöst in emergencies im Notfall in case of emergency im Ernstfall in case of emergency im Notfall in case of emergency notfalls Adv. in case of an emergency im Notfal
  3. Emergence is a science fiction novel by American writer David R. Palmer. It first appeared as a novella published in Analog Science Fiction in 1981; the same magazine also published Part II, Seeking, in 1983. The completed novel then was published by Bantam in 1984. The plot follows a precocious 11-year-old orphan girl, living in a post-apocalyptic United States. It had three printings through July 1985, and was republished in 1990 as a Signature Special Edition with a few.
  4. e·mer·gent·ly, adverb e·mer·gent·ness, noun non·e·mer·gent, adjective re·e·mer·gent, adjectiv
  5. Oxford Collocations Dictionary adverb. rapidly; gradually; slowly phrases. newly emerged; newly emerging; See full entr

EMERGENCE OF HOPEFULLY AS A SENTENCE ADVERB FROM THE JSTOR JOURNAL ARCHIVE AND OTHER ELECTRONIC RESOURCES FRED R. SHAPIRO Yale University THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL WORD-USAGE of our time is undoubtedly the use of the word hopefully as a sentence adverb meaning 'it is hoped', as in Hopefully, the project will take no more than a week. One panelist for the Harpe On the emergence of the stance-marking function of English adverbs: 399 be expressive (mostly by increasing force but, albeit less frequently, by reducing force, as well) in any discourse scene as part of a persuasion strategy, and recruit diverse linguistic resources to fulfil that desire. For instance, Altenberg (1991

Fairly Intensifiers (very, at all) Much, a lot, lots, a good deal: adverbs Pretty Quite Rather Really Scarcely Ver This chapter is concerned with the origin and development of the English epistemic adverb maybe. Using various historical corpora, including the Helsinki Corpus and ARCHER as a baseline, we analyse a range of structures featuring the sequence (it) may be, paying special attention to those which may have contributed, in varying degrees, to the emergence of the adverb maybe Übersetzung Deutsch-Französisch für emergence im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion. Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion Possible topics include but are not limited to the emergence of the lexical category adverb, the relationship between adverbs and adverbials as well as a cross-linguistic definition of adverbs and adverbials. References Cuzzolin, Pierluigi/Putzu, Ignazio/Ramat, Paolo (2006): The Indo-European Adverb in diachronic and typological perspective. In: Indogermanische Forschungen 111, 1-38. Eisenberg.

As already noted in connection with (10)-(12), the adverb placement facts for nonfinite verbs are straightforwardly expected under the assumption that the diagnostic adverbs left-adjoin to V'. This assumption also explains the rightmost judgment for finite verbs (the blue star in row 2). The judgments highlighted in red, which are the opposite of their green counterparts in the row above, seem puzzling at first glance. But they too follow straightforwardly if we assume that finite verbs. Teaching adjectives and adverbs and adverbs is a very important subject in English language education. If the students who learn English as a second or a third language can use adjectives and. OPAL (Oxford Phrasal Academic Lexicon) word lists: the most important and useful words and phrases to learn for academic Englis

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In rhetoric, anthimeria or antimeria (from Greek: ἀντί, antí, 'against, opposite', and μέρος, méros, 'part'), means using one part of speech as another, such as using a noun as a verb: The little old lady turtled along the road. In linguistics, this is called conversion; when a noun becomes a verb, it is a denominal verb, when a verb becomes a noun, it is a deverbal noun Adverb Studios — Temporary Emergence. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Adverb Studios Posts tagged with #adverbadjectivenoun are created by Adverb Studios.. © 2012 - CNRTL 44, avenue de la Libération BP 30687 54063 Nancy Cedex - France Tél. : +33 3 83 96 21 76 - Fax : +33 3 83 97 24 5 Harnessing emergence for manycore programming: early experience integrating ensembles, adverbs, and object-based inheritanc Emergence of hopejuilly as a Sentence Adverb from the JSTOR Journal Archive and Other Electronic Resources. American Speech 73: 279-96. Whitley, M. Stanley. 1983. Hopefully: A Shibboleth in the English Adverb System. American Speech 58: 126-49. FRED R. SHAPIRO Yale University 441. Title : Earlier Computer-Assisted Evidence on the Emergence of Hopefully as a Sentence Adverb Created Date.

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Übersetzung Deutsch-Französisch für émergence de mouvement im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion I think it might be just a matter of the emergence of a small number of new adverbs with a rather strong preference for being used before certain modals. One new adverb was clearly spawned from a modal when may and be merged to form maybe. That is now standard, and can be placed wherever adverbs of probability go. I think it is possible that might (in origin, the preterite form of may) has. Over the centuries, in the course of historical development of the language, its vocabulary and grammatical structure does not remain unchanged. Adverbs as a word group, in relation to the method of their use and function performed, underwent long process of historical development and formation. This research study focuses on the component and comparative historical analysis of the ways of.

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Re: Two examples of emergence From: Phillip White (Phillip_White@ceo.cudenver.edu) Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 16:46:22 PDT Next message: Molly Freeman: Re: Two examples of emergence Previous message: Molly Freeman: Re: A system is as system does In reply to: Molly Freeman: Re: Two examples of emergence Synonyms for 'For the emergence'. Best synonyms for 'for the emergence' are 'for the rise', 'for the birth' and 'for the exit' Adverbs. The term adverb refers to a specifi c word class or lexical category and therefore con-. trasts with other word classes, such as nouns, adjectives, verbs, or prepositions. On the.

Translation for 'emergence of resistance' in the free English-Danish dictionary and many other Danish translations It has its origins in the emergence of bureaucracy, and has been replaced by terms more commonly used these days in project management. In the 21 st century, we would more likely speak of delivering, 'to a given standard, on time and within budget'. What is the meaning of in a timely manner? In a timely manner is basically a formal, but polite way of saying, 'hurry up', or.

  1. An adverb modifies a verb, an adjective, other adverbs, or the whole sentence (happily in People danced happily, Happily, I was paid on time). A preposition indicates a relationship between a noun or pronoun, called the object of the preposition, and another part of the sentence. The other part of the sentence may be a noun or pronoun, a verb, or an adjective. in in Jesse Owens ran in the.
  2. A word used to modify the sense of a verb, participle, adjective, or other adverb, and usually placed near it; as, he writes well; paper extremely white. Example Sentences: (1) Twenty normal and twenty aphasic subjects were tested for their understanding of implicit meanings of the French adverbs même (even), aussi (also), and surtout (mainly). (2) Redistribution of parts of speech expressed.
  3. ACT English Practice Test: Adjective and Adverb 1. 1. Such praise does not come any easier to any big-city police chief, but Harvard applies her talents and works twelve-to-sixteen-hour days to earn it. 2

Rightward definition is - being at, toward, or to the right. Recent Examples on the Web Tennessee's emergence as an anti-LGBTQ leader grows out of a rightward political shift in a state Republicans already firmly controlled. — The Christian Science Monitor, 24 May 2021 Tennessee's emergence as an anti-LGBTQ leader grows out of a rightward political shift in a state Republicans already. Die Liste der Homo-Epitheta (der Beiwörter zu dem lateinischen Wort homo Mensch) erfasst alle Ausdrücke, die aus dem lateinischen Substantiv homo (Mensch) und einem spezifizierenden Adjektiv oder auch Substantiv zusammengesetzt sind. Dazu gehören einerseits die Bezeichnungen der Arten der Gattung Homo, die auf die epochemachende taxonomische Benennung durch Carl von Linné im. 8 Parts of Speech for ESL Learners. Words are used to form patterns of English grammar and syntax. Each word falls into one of eight categories referred to as parts of speech. Certain words have further categorization such as: adverbs of frequency: always, sometimes, often, etc. or determiners: this, that, these, those This thesis is an empirical and theoretical study of the emergence of five Swedish conditional subordinators: utan, om, hvar, ifall and bara. The first changes occur in the 13th century, and the last in the 18th century. After a theoretical introduction, in which grammaticalization as well as conditionality and conditional structures are critically discussed, five paths of change are.

Thoughtless definition is - lacking concern for others : inconsiderate. How to use thoughtless in a sentence almost Bedeutung, Definition almost: 1. nearly: 2. nearly: 3. nearly but not quite: The Emergence of Creole Subject-Verb Agreement Miriam Meyerhoff This paper undertakes two tasks: first, it resolves an outstanding question as to the proper structural description of Bislama; second, it will unify this analysis of the verb system with the distribution of phonetically null subjects in Bislama. In this way, it will show that resolving patterns of variation in one domain of the. 207. Emerge emerge emergence emerge from/ into emergence of 208. Emit emit emission carbon dioxide emissions/ emission levels to cut/ reduce emissions 209. Emphasis emphasize emphasis emphatic place/put emphasis on considerable/ great emphasis strongly emphasize 210. Enable enable enabling enable sb / sth to do sth 211. Endurance endure. Revised on January 16, 2020. In English grammar, parallelism (also called parallel structure or parallel construction) is the repetition of the same grammatical form in two or more parts of a sentence. I like to jog, bake, paint, and watching movies. I like to jog, bake, paint, and watch movies

A word carries far, very far, deals destruction through time as the bullets go flying through space TY - THES. T1 - The Emergence of Conditional Subordinators in Swedish : A Study in Grammaticalization. AU - Rosenkvist, Henrik. N1 - Defence details Date: 2004-11-26 Time: 10:15 Place: Sal Saxo Grammaticus (L201), Språk- och litteraturcentrum, Helgonabacken 12, Lund External reviewer(s) Name: Heltoft, Lars Title: professor Affiliation: Rosilde Universitetscenter --- The information about.

Translation for 'foster the emergence' in the free English-Italian dictionary and many other Italian translations There are eight parts of speech in the English language: adjective, adverb, verb, noun, pronoun, preposition, conjunction and interjection. Understanding the parts of speech and the differences between them is vital for students of English as they move toward more complex language structures. This is why we have made it our mission to provide memorable and insightful parts of speech teaching. The emergence of ADAM10 as a regulator of lymphocyte development and autoimmunity; The emergence of a Presbyterian evangelical: a religious and social history of Isaac Nelson's pastorate at First Comber Presbyterian Church, 1838-42; The Emergence of a Surrealist Movement and its Vital `Estrangement-Effect' in Organization Studie Look up the Polish to English translation of emergence in the PONS online dictionary. Includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function Books. Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books

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[adverb] In an endonormative way. Show declension of endonormatively ( , ), ) Example sentences with endonormatively, translation memory translation memory. Giga-fren... one of the major factors militating against the emergence of endonormative standards in non-native Englishes is precisely the dearth of codification. Showing page 1. Found 2 sentences matching phrase endonormatively. (Here, down is an adverb telling us where the tree fell.) The cat ran down the tree. The tree fell down. If we wanted to, we could change sentence B so that down was a preposition instead of an adverb. Can you think of how we would do that? HINT: Turn it into a prepositional phrase. The tree fell down. (adverb) The tree fell down the hill. (preposition) That's all there is to it! You can learn. However, many favoured competing explanations and it was not until the emergence of the modern evolutionary synthesis from the 1930s to the 1950s that a broad consensus developed in which natural selection was the basic mechanism of evolution. In modified form, Darwin's scientific discovery is the unifying theory of the life sciences, explaining the diversity of life. Darwin's early interest. si·mul·ta·ne·ous (sī′məl-tā′nē-əs, sĭm′əl-) adj. 1. Happening, existing, or done at the same time. See Synonyms at contemporary. 2. Mathematics Containing variables for which there are values that can satisfy all the equations: simultaneous equations. [Latin simul, at the same time; see sem- in Indo-European roots + English -taneous (as.

Click here to get an answer to your question ️ The goat is ___ the hill Fill in the blanks with preposition The present paper explores the emergence of the noun jiujing(究竟)meaningall the details,the truthin Mandarin.It argues that it is impossible that the noun jiujing meaningall the details,the truthin Mandarin derived from the noun jiujingoriginating from Buddhism or the noun jiujing meaningendin classical Chinese.The reason is that the latter was only used in Buddhist articles,and the. Pungent definition, sharply affecting the organs of taste or smell, as if by a penetrating power; biting; acrid. See more The emergence of cloud based ERP applications has started a seismic shift in the ERP marketplace. By implementing a business management system in a SaaS environment on the cloud, the increase in flexibility, lower cost and lack of traditional IT support requirement that come with an on premise solution all lead to the conclusion that cloud based ERP is the future

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It is a human tendency to communicate with others and this could underlie the emergence of language. Montessori said, To talk is in the nature of man. Humans needed language in order to communicate, and soon, the powers that come with language were revealed. The evolution of the human language began when communication was done through pictograms or pictures and drawings Words ending in -ance and -ence. These two endings are both used to make nouns from verbs (e.g. performance from perform) or nouns from adjectives (e.g. intelligence from intelligent).. In general, you'll need to remember how to spell these words (or else check their spelling in a dictionary) 2 Adverb ; 2 Dative ; 2 Discourse marker ; 2 Grammar, morphosyntax ; 2 Grammatical borrowing ; 2 Polysemy ; 2 Prepositional phrase ; 2 Semantic change ; 2 Spoken language ; Filter by language keywords < Any language keywords ; Modern (Israeli) Hebrew 5; Linguistic Bibliography > Search Your search for 'language_keyword:( Slavic )' returned 5 results. Modify search Sort Results by Relevance. 1 Adverb ; 1 Complexity theory ; 1 Corpus linguistics ; 1 Deixis ; 1 Emergent grammar ; 1 Grammatical semantics ; 1 Grammaticalization ; 1 Pragmatics, discourse analysis and text grammar ; 1 Semantics ; 1 Tense ; 1 Time ; 1 Usage-based ; Filter by language keywords. 3 High German ; 2 Middle High German ; 2 Old High German ; 1 Early New High German ; 1 Old Low German (Old Saxon) Linguistic. Übersetzung im Kontext von mit dem zeitpunkt in Deutsch-Englisch von Reverso Context: Die Beihilfefähigkeit beginnt mit dem Zeitpunkt der Gewährung der Beihilfe

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Natural definition: If you say that it is natural for someone to act in a particular way or for something to... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'Bewegung+der+Aufklärung' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,. emergence: Associated Words Filter by Noun/Verb/Adjective/Adverb, Position, Positive/Negative, Common/Rare, Syllables & more. Words described by emergence & Words describing emergence. Associated Words Commonly Used Together; Prefix/Suffix Word Derivatives formed with add-ons; Related Words related by meaning; Dictionary; Mor

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(Using an adverb before cheugy may or may not be cheugy.) I get why the emergence of cheugy feels like a blitz attack on millennials, but there's a difference. What hit me so hard about the skinny jeans/side part debacle, and I don't think I'm alone in this, is that I never considered those stylistic choices to be trends, much less up for debate. You parted your hair on the side. Word Formation Adjectives to Adverbs Exercise. ADJECTIVES TO ADVERBS EXERCISE. regular to regularly. punctual to punctually It's an adverb without number that means at all times. Simply because a word ends in s does not mean it's a plural-think about words like hostess, Kansas, species, and politics (although politics is plural in form, its meaning is singular). supernova!**** on July 30, 2011 11:55 am. i told ppl tht speaking of anyways is incorrectbut they dont listen me..and say u dnt know.

In my opinion, the signature event that separated the emergence of palaeohumans from their anthropoid progenitors was not tool-making but a rudimentary oral communication that replaced the hoots and gestures still used by lower primates. The transfer of more complex information, ideas and concepts from one individual to another, or to a group, was the single most advantageous evolutionary. DJ Adverb is also currently in a HipHop crew known as Crateology. Crateology combines, scratching, breaks, beatboxing and freestyling into their performances to create an extremely live environment. Crateology is home to Scott Jackson (BeatBoxer), Punjai, (DJ/Rapper), DJ Adverb (DJ/Producer) Specializing in turntablism and production services. Stay Tuned here for Music News, New Tracks, Videos. Educator Family. On August 21, 1192, Minamoto Yorimoto was appoint ed as a shogun, or military leader, in Kamakura, Japan. Yorimoto establish ed Japan's first military government, or bakufu, called the Kamakura shogunate. Shoguns were hereditary military leaders who were technically appointed by the emperor. However, real power rested with. In News: The New York Times Sydney Morning Herald The Globe and Mail Jerusalem Post. Did you know that parliament is an anagram of partial men? Or, Clint Eastwood an anagram of Old West Action? Someone once said, All the life's wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie. Here is your chance to discover the wisdom of anagrams

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1. in a sudden and surprising way that is easy to notice. His popularity was increasing dramatically. The following year his life changed dramatically. Synonyms and related words. +. Happening or done quickly, suddenly or immediately. suddenly. immediately adverb. used when talking about the mind rather than the body. mild adjective. a mild illness or injury is one that is not serious. morbid adjective. medical relating to or caused by disease. mortal adjective. serious enough to cause death. multiple adjective. affecting several parts of your body. nervous adjective . a nervous illness or medical condition is caused by worry, or by working too. Nouns starting with the letter E are listed here. Many types of nouns are shown which can be helpful for writing engaging text. eagle, ear, earl, earnest, earth.

Fill in the blank by writing the correct comparative or superlative form of the adverb in parentheses : Kate ran than all her classmates. (fast) - 1669738 • Beginning with the emergence of preoperational reasoning, arguments and intellectual confrontations with others are a source of cognitive conflict and disequilibrium. • Moreover, particular examples of the use or non-use of multiple points of view are not necessarily indicators of cognitive deprivation The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus emergence or Text Grammar The The sentence showing existence, disappearance The usage of —A Jl. The usage of —ÅJL Lesson 51 Text Grammar The adverb The construction The construction The personal pronoun The of The adverb (3) Lesson 52. Text Grammar The sentence which is passive in meaning The question with Adverbs -Y and . 2. Lesson 53 Text Grammar The sentence The question with. stan ( plural stans ) ( slang, sometimes derogatory) An extremely obsessive fan of a person, group, character, or creative work, particularly one whose fixation is unhealthy or intrusive . quotations . IU stan; K-pop stan. 2011, Vanessa Spates, Whether in Britney's Army or Rihanna's Navy, stans need to surrender to sanity , The Lantern (Ohio.

An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired). adverb. 15. (for emphasis) a. bien, muy. a good long time un tiempo bien largo, mucho tiempo. I'll do it when I'm good and ready lo haré cuando crea conveniente. 16. (as comment, answer) a. bien, estupendo . I feel better today — good hoy me encuentro mejor — estupendo or. 17. Adverb -ly - e.g. quickly, slowly, quietly. Irregular Plurals - irregular plurals are used fairly consistently by the age of 5 years (e.g. mice, children, men) Irregular past tense - irregular past tense is used consistently (e.g. fell, broke, ate) This chart was designed to serve as a functional screening of developmental skills per age group. It does not constitute an assessment nor. Adverb Marking 135 Question Tags 136 Prepositions 138 Complementation 140 Inversion 146 Third Person Singular Marking 147 Aspect 148 5.3 Synopsis: The Linguistic Status of a Potential Euro-English 155 6 Evidence for the Acceptance of Euro-English 158 6.1 Attitudes Towards Euro-English 15

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View Vocabularies (Unit1).xlsx from ACCOUNTING MISC at Seneca College. # Noun Sentence 1 Verb Sentence 2 Adjective Sentence 3 Adverb Sentence 4 automated 1 automation My home automation said who' See how CDC is supporting frontline healthcare workers, communities, and the public in the nation-wide response to the COVID-19 pandemi

{{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} adj. VERBS be, feel, seem ADVERB extremely, fairly, very, etc Examples from the Corpus alternative • The emergence of the team as an alternative to the classic working group of individuals offers a powerful choice. • Their acquisition takes time, problems arise, children become puzzled, and they have to consider possibilities and alternatives Japanese Zen Buddhist Philosophy. First published Wed Jun 28, 2006; substantive revision Wed Jul 31, 2019. Zen aims at the perfection of personhood. To this end, sitting meditation called za-zen is employed as a foundational method of prāxis across the different schools of this Buddha-Way—which is not an ideology, but a way of living Find 209 ways to say GRAVELY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

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egression - emergence. 182 were donated in April This month, we are on track to donate 183. home recent additions webmaster page banners feed a child. egression Definition. egression rate (Noun) emergence Usage: the egression of a new political party for the opposition is quite obvious. Link to this page: Add or improve a definition. Word:* Part of speech: Definition:* Sample sentence: All. What is communicative language teaching , and what factors led to its emergence in ELT? - 1004937 Though the continuing economic crisis has affected the way people think about holidays, one of the most significant results of increased free time in the Spain of the 1990s has been the emergence of what one could describe as a leisure cultur

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42010 Architecture change cloud cognitive communications competition complexity conceptual concerns confidence context control creativity CSR culture decision de facto description design digitization education elements emergence engineering enterprise environment evolution framework future globalization ideas IEC IEEE information innovation intelligence ISO language lateral life-cycle. Find 23 ways to say IN THIS WAY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired). adverb. 1. (still) a. aún. This summer is even warmer than last. Este verano es aún más cálido que el verano pasado. b. incluso. It is even worse than it looks. Es incluso peor de lo que parece. c. todavía. This song sounds even better when sung by you. Esta canción suena todavía. da. Of ( used instead of de with quantities, to emphasize the quantity rather than the thing quantified, or to indicate the unity of a shape and its material, a container and its contents, or a group and its members) glaso da vino ― a glass of wine. kilogramo da viando ― a kilogram of meat

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More about Spelled and Spelt The verb to spell most commonly means to write or name the letters that form a word in correct sequence. To spell is one of those verbs with both an irregular form and a regular form. (See the table below for some others.) The past tense and the past participle can be written as either spelled or spelt. However, they are not interchangeable Bridging contexts in the reanalysis of naturally as a sentence adverb: A corpus study-----191 Reijirou Shibasaki From parataxis to amalgamation: The emergence of the sentence-final is all construction in the history of American English — 221 Elena Seoane The role of context in the entrenchment of new grammatical markers in World Englishes—249. VI —-Contents Martin Konvidka Paradigms. Third-Person Singular Verb Ending. Most verbs in English form the third-person singular by adding -s to the base form ( sings, gives, requires ). Verbs ending in -ch, -s, -sh, -x, or -z form the third-person singular by adding -es ( watches, misses, rushes, mixes, buzzes ). Verbs ending in a consonant + y (such as try) form the third-person. Isostatic rebound occurs when A. the addition of mass to the crust causes the crust to sink. B. the removal of mass from the crust causes the crust to rise. C. the force of gravity decreases on a mountain, causing it to rise. D. a volcano erupts, causing the emergence of new mountain ranges orthodontic, orthodontal, adj. orthodontist, n. /awr theuh don tiks/, n. (used with a sing. v.) the branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention and correction of irregular teeth, as by means of braces. [1905 10; ORTH + ODONT + ICS] * * *

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