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The majority of antique Chinese coins are worth less than a dollar, with many specimens coming in between $5 and $10. Investigating the provenance of any rare coin before buying is also a good choice. Archaeological resources and coin comparison guides are good places to start an investigation These coins were continually circulated in China until 1911. Most ancient coins are identified by a hole in the middle. These holed coins, also known as Chinese cash coins, are very cheap. In fact, 99% of these coins are priced at less than USD 10. Chinese spade moneys and Chinese knife coins are other forms of ancient Chinese coinages that resemble spade and sword, respectively. These coins are worth around USD 30

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  1. China (ancient) Emperor: Wang Mang (7-23, Xin dynasty) Type: Standard circulation coin Years: 14-23: Value: 1 Cash (1) Currency: Wang Mang (7-23) Composition: Bronze: Weight: 3.12 g: Diameter: 22 mm: Thickness: 1.5 mm: Shape: Round with a square hole: Orientation: Medal alignment ↑
  2. Ancient China. Northern Song Dynasty. Emperor Hui Zong, 1101 - 1125 AD. Large bronze Ten Cash coin. DA GUAN TONG BAO in Chinese / reverse blank as made. 35mm, 13.98g. ref: Hartill 16.408. #AS2057: $150 SOL
  3. Chinese cash coins were first produced during the Warring States period, and they became standardised as the Ban Liang (半兩) coinage during the Qin dynasty which followed. Over the years, cash coins have had many different inscriptions, and the Wu Zhu (五銖) inscription, which first appeared under the Han dynasty, became the most commonly used inscription and was often used by succeeding.

It is listed in Jen's book, Chinese Cash; Identification and Price Guide, on Chinese coins. It is number 863 and attributed to Xuan Tong (a.k.a Pu Yi), the last Chinese emperor (Qing Dynasty). It is also listed in Krause's Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1901 to Date. He lists it as Xuan Tong Tong Bao, Bao Quan Mint. It has a Fisher's Ding number of 2662 F $45.00 VF $60.00 gVF $75.00 This issue was first cast in about 1616 under Nurhachu, but continued to be cast throughout the reign of Abahay. The large size and heavy weight suggest this was intended to be of value 2 cash The intrinsic value can be less than the circulating value but if it falls too far below, the item becomes a token rather than a coin. The third criterion is that the coin must be issued to a denomination and weight standard, otherwise it is bullion which must be weighed at each transaction. ANCIENT RECORDS Official records are little help, as few survived the Ch'in Dynasty's attempt (ca. 221. Lot Of 10 Mixed Ancient China & Japan Cash Coins LOW PRICE Unsearched Uncleaned $12.99 $3.95 shipping Mixed Large lot of 30 ancient and Qing 200 and 20, 10 Old Worn Cash Coins Remember that the prices are just a guide, a starting point for asserting value. Some PCGS coins sell for less than the prices listed and some PCGS coins sell for more than the prices listed. COINS UNDER $10. For coins valued at under $10, even when graded by PCGS, the price listed is the value of non-graded (i.e., raw) coins. The reason is that PCGS grading fees are more than the value of the coins, so these low value coins are seldom submitted to PCGS for grading

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  1. Ancient Chinese coins. Image by mc559 available under a Creative Commons license Qin dynasty Emperor Shihuangdi standardized money, along with everything else, when he introduced the ban liang 半 两 'half tael' (equivalent to 12 铢 zhu) coin. It had a standard weight in the form of a round disc with a square hole. This shape of coin remained in use up to the 20th century. He also divided all currency between gold/silver
  2. The identification of Chinese cast coins can be difficult, even for those who can read the characters. For the rest of us it can be a very frustrating experience. The purpose of this part of our site is to make the process easier. This will be a work in progress for some time to come, as we add more types. Eventually it will be fairly comprehensive, at least for the types that you are likely to encounter. In the early stages of development, there will be many times that you will be told that.
  3. We offer a variety of authentic ancient coins from all periods of history, especially Ancient Chinese Coins! www.bestcoins666.com. Ancient Chinese Coins Dealer, with over 50 years professional experiences! Asia China coins for sale! Log In. best66666@gmail.com. 0. Home. Shop. More. www.bestcoins666.com. Address. Amsterdam, Netherlands . Contact. best66666@gmail.com. 0031-6853-68166. Follow.
  4. al value of the cash coin corresponded to 0.001 tael of silver (1 li (釐 or 厘, cash), as a weight)

Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu Di, 118 - 113 BC, AE Five Zhu. US$ 15.00 US$ 13.50. Ken Dorney. H8.9. Western Han Dynasty, 118 - 113 BC, AE 5 Zhu, Provincial Mint. US$ 15.00 US$ 13.50. Ken Dorney. H10.28. Eastern Han Dynasty, 146 - 190 AD, Inner Ring Wu Zhu Issuing large denomination coins not worth their stated value was very profitable for the government. However, this caused very serious inflation. A dou (斗) of rice, which was about a ladle full of rice during Tang times, went from a price of 10 cash coins to a price of 7,000 cash coins! It was simply impossible for these large denomination coins to maintain their stated value f) Manchu script and Chinese script. These coins have an inscription in the Manchu script arranged to right and left of the hole, identifying the mint. They also have a Chinese inscription (reading top-bottom) which gives the value of the coin, in this case a 10-cash coin. The coin illustrated here is a 10-cash coin. This type is mostly common among th Though only slightly heavier than the old Wu Ch'u coins, it was worth 50 Wu Ch'u. As might be expected the merchants did not take too kindly to this new coin. In 14AD the value of the Ta Chi'en Wu Shih coin was reduced in value from 50 Cash to 1 Cash. The same year he introduced a new coin, called a Hou Ch'uan.. The coin remained in use until after his death, when the Wu Ch'u was restored as the standard circulating coin of China Copper cash is the general terms of Chinese ancient currency made of copper which turned up in the Qin Dynasty (221 BC-206 BC), a dynasty leaving so many legacies to the Chinese people such as the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army. The copper coin is evolved from 'huan cash' (环钱, a kind of ancient copper coin with ring shape used in the Warring States Period which lasted from 475 BC.

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  1. Late Roman Bronze coins were not assigned a value that we know of. Thus, they have been labeled by size. AE1 25mm and up AE2 21-25mm AE3 17-21mm AE4 Less than 17mm 1 gram = 15.4323584 grains 1 grain = 0.06479891 of a gram or 64.79891 milligrams The Handbook of Roman Imperial Coins by David Van Meter has assigned th
  2. Rare 半两 China Bronze Coin Tong Qian Copper Cash Ban Liang Money Currency Statue Source: ebay Rare China Ancient Old Jade Carving Dragon Loong Pixiu Brave Troops Beast Statu
  3. ted until 1922 or maybe later. The same design was used on an initial issue, all dated year 3 (1914) of half-dollars, 20 cents and 10 cents coins (the deno
  4. China Chinese Qing Dynasty Bronze Charm 45.8 mm. $910.00. 18 bids. $6.00 shipping. Ending Today at 6:46PM PDT. Ended. True Vintage Chinese Coin Sword, 100 coins. Choice. Not a modern imitation
  5. Chinese cash coinage featured square holes in the center and was usually cast. These unusual numismatic items circulated in Asia before western-style coins were introduced in the 18th and 19th.
  6. Evaluate and research: RARE CHINESE ANCIENT BRONZE CASH DA GUO YUAN BAO OLD COIN . Login ×. Username Password Login Remember me Cancel Forgot password? Register ×. Register. Cancel. Restore password ×. Email Restore. Cancel Forgot password? Home. Appraisal Price Guide Appraise. Register Login Upload your item for appraisal Home > Price Guide > Coins & Paper Money. RARE CHINESE ANCIENT.

Coin value - <$1 . 1 sen 1943 aluminum Diameter 16.00 mm. Weight 0.55 g. 1 / GREAT JAPAN / SHOWA 18 YEAR 1 SEN / mount Fuji, chrysanthemum flower on top Y#62a Coin value - <$1 . 1 sen 1944 (1944-1945) tin-zinc Diameter 15.00 mm. Weight 1.30 g. 1 SEN / chrysanthemum flower GREAT JAPAN / SHOWA 19 YEAR Y#62 Coin value - <$1 . Next - Japanese modern coins . Site search: Sitemap. The NGC World Coin Price Guide is a complete catalog of values for World coins from 1600 to date, created by NGC and NumisMaster price guide pages Ancient China Large Chinese 1000 Cash Coin Xian Feng Yuan Bao Quan 6 Cm 72g. Click to enlarge Category: Coins: Medieval > Asian: Uploaded by gaptul on Jan 13, 2012 Numismatic data and valuation estimates provided by gaptul (Jan 13, 2012) Item Information Category: Coins: Medieval > Asian: Id number: 96445: Civilisation: Chinese: Estimated value: GBP 399.00: More info; Rev: Manchurian.

Sprachen. Български; Қазақ; Hrvatski; Slovák; Српски; عرب; Bahasa Indonesi China Ancient Coin Xian Yong Tong Bao Ad 1674 Qing Cash S238 China Ancient - $184.00. Qing Tong Coin S238 Xian Ad China 1674 Bao Yong Cash Ancient 1674 Yong S238 China Ad Bao Cash Coin Ancient Xian Tong Qing China Ancient Coin [458714] Coin, France,louis Xiv,2 Sols Dits « des Traitants »,1674,paris [458714] Coin, - $182.00 « des Dits Sols France,louis Traitants »,1674,paris [458714] Xiv,2. ANCIENT CHINESE CASH NOTES - THE WORLD'S FIRST PAPER MONEY PART I John E. Sandrock China has had a long and diversified numismatic history. From the dawn of antiquity onward, early Chinese traders used money in one form or another. Ancient Chinese paper money has always held a fascination for me partly because, without question, it is the world's oldest. Not only is the ornamental format. Guang Xu Tong Bao, Copper coin One Cash, Machine Milled Cash 1875-1908 ANCIENT CHINA Qing Dynasty Guang Xu Tong Bao, Copper coin One Cash Machine Milled Cash Authenticity guaranteed! Reign title: Guang Xu, AD 1875-1908 Shape Round with a square hole Obverse: Chinese ideograms 銅 文 一 幣 Reverse: Dragon, the symbol of the Qing royal family, Flaming Dragon emblem in center, surrounded by. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for CHINESE ANCIENT BRONZE CASH COIN OF CHINA at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products

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Buy Motanar 200 Pieces 1 Inch Chinese Fortune Coins Feng Shui I-Ching Coins Chinese Good Luck Coins Ancient Chinese Dynasty Time Coin: Ornaments - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase All of the machine struck cash look good to me. Haidee's Qian Long, I'm not sure about. It's probably genuine as Hartill lists an undersized piece(23-24mm,1754-1760) with the note often coarse workmanship. If this is a full size coin(25mm+,1736-1753) then it is most likely a contemporary counterfeit. I see nothing to make me suspect a modern. World Coin Gallery. The Largest Collection of Full Color Coin Images in the World! Gallery Total: Over 80,000 coin photos from 1,340 places *. Visit the World Coin Gallery. Coin Store. Choose a country from the menu box. to view listings, photos, coin values. and collection checkboxes

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