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Beste handelsplatform voor ordering - probeer de proe A 5% position of your total trading capital gives you a potential 20% stop loss on your position to equal 1% of total trading capital. If you want to increase your total loss to 2% of total trading capital per trade you simply double your stop loss percentage versus the price at entry or keep your stop loss percent the same but double your position size to risk 2% per trade Answer: 0.25 lots. Therefore, you have to trade with a 0.25 lots with an 80 pips stop loss. This keeps your trading risk at 2%. ($800 x 0.25 lots= $200 risk which is 2% of your trading account) So if you didn't get what the number 1 problem of trading with a percentage stop loss then it is this: you will be placing your stop loss order based on how. Typically, the amount you risk should be below 2% of your account balance, and ideally below 1%. 3 . For example, say a forex trader places a 6-pip stop-loss order and trades 5 mini lots, which results in a risk of $30 for the trade. If risking 1%, that means they have risked 1/100 of their account But if you believe the investment's a good one, the price is just bound to fluctuate and you can take the risk, you can place a stop at 20 percent, 30 percent or 50 percent. This gives your stock..

A trailing stop-loss will move the exit (stop-loss) of the trade to $0.20 below the most recent high (occurring after entry) when long, or $0.20 above the most recent low when short. For example, if the stock price rises from $54.25 to $54.35, the stop-loss would automatically move up to $54.15 from $54.05 To have our TradingView strategy submit percentage-based stop-loss orders, we do the following: Optional: create an input that configures the stop-loss percentage. Use a percentage to calculate the actual stop price. Submit the stop-loss order for the computed price. Let's examine these steps and the code they require. # Step 1. Optional: set the maximum loss percentage with input We obtain the inequality: 0,7×Loss < 0,3×Profit. This means that the profit per transaction should be more than the loss of 2.33 times. Consider the spread, slippage, swaps and save money on Lamborghini and get 2.5. If you do not know the percentage of losing trades, accept a value of at least 75% Calculating the Stop-Loss. I like to calculate stop-losses and profit targets based on the ATR. The ATR is a measure of the recent trading range. The calculation of the ATR is explained in my article, Backtest a Trading Strategy using an ATR Stop-Loss. The trailing stop-loss distance is measured by multiplying the ATR by the factor. This factor can be manually adjusted and optimised by backtesting Den Stop Loss setzen Sie deshalb auf 36 Euro, also auf 10 % unter den Kaufpreis der Aktie. Als der Kurs tatsächlich auf die Stop-Loss-Grenze sinkt, wird der Verkaufsauftrag zum nächsten handelbaren Kurs, zum Beispiel von 35,45 Euro, ausgeführt. Der Verlust beträgt in diesem Szenario 568,75 Euro

Stop Loss nachziehen über Hochs und Tiefs (geeignet für langfristiges Trading) Stop Loss nach einem bestimmten Preis/Kerze nachziehen (geeignet für kurzfristiges Trading) Als erfahrener Trader weiß ich es genau, wie schwierig es ist konstant Gewinne zu erwirtschaften. Ich habe viele Tests mit dem Stop Loss durchgeführt und bin immer wieder zu einem Ergebnis gekommen: Steigern Sie sich. So if you set the stop-loss order at 10% below the price at which you purchased the security, your loss will be limited to 10%. For example, if you buy Company X's stock for $25 per share, you can.. Let's start off with the most basic type of stop: the percentage-based stop loss. The percentage-based stop uses a predetermined portion of the trader's account. For example, 2% of the account is what a trader is willing to risk on a trade. The percentage risk can vary from trader to trader

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  1. We set our stop loss for SSO as a close below the Sept. 14 low at 73.99. We will often put a close below a certain level as a swing trading stop loss because it gives us the flexibility to.
  2. ===== Fixed Percent Stop Loss & Take Profit % ===== A neat example of how to set up Fixed Stops and Take Profit as a percent of the entry price. Yup, that's about it! You can ignore the actual entry/exit orders - they're based on a simple MA cross and are therefore NOT relevant, NOT really profitable and NOT recommended
  3. This method is similar to the X-bar trailing exit, but you would trail your stop loss on every new candle, plus a certain number of pips, to give you a cushion. A popular way to add a cushion is to add a percentage of the Average True Range (ATR) indicator. For example, you could add 50% of the current ATR value to the high or low of a candle
  4. For free trading education, go to http://www.tradingwithrayner.comA stop loss should not be based on an arbitrary number, or some random amount you're willin..
  5. Der normale Stop Loss bleibt im Forex & CFD Trading im Chart bis auf Widerruf, also der manuellen Streichung, bestehen, oder bis der Stop Loss bei entsprechenden Kursen ausgeführt wird. Der zeitbasierte Stop erlaubt es, einen festen Zeitpunkt des Stops zu definieren, zum Beispiel 17.30 Uhr (Xetra-Schluss in Deutschland). Wenn der Stop Loss bis dahin nicht von der Marktseite ausgeführt wurde, wird die Stop Loss Order automatisch vom System aktiviert und die Position zu diesem fixierten.
  6. The key is picking a stop-loss percentage that allows a stock to fluctuate day to day while preventing as much downside risk as possible. Setting a 5% stop loss on a stock that has a history of fluctuating 10% or more in a week is not the best strategy. You'll most likely just lose money on the commissions generated from the execution of your stop-loss orders. There are no hard and fast.

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For instance, if you decide you are comfortable with a stock losing 10 percent of its value before you get out, and you own a stock that is trading at $50 per share, you would set your stop loss at $45—$5 below the current market price of the stock ($50 x 10% = $5). The Support Method for Setting Stop Losse Using stop-loss orders when trading capital in a volatile market helps to manage risks. Learn what a stop-loss order is and where and how to set a stop-loss. Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 73% of retail investor accounts lose money when spread betting and/or trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider. Note that the stop-loss rate now contains an actual number. This number is the 1,2% (arm trailing stop-loss) minus 0,6% (trailing stop-loss percentage). If our position doesn't rise any higher but instead drops 0,6%, it is going to place a sell order at +0,6%. In the next few minutes our position went slightly up to 1,25%

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Trailing stop loss order: day 3. Once again, the green highlighted candle is now the current day and the market has closed. You stop loss order will go under the previous days low (red line) because it is lower. Note that at this point your stop loss order is going to be close to your entry price. Just move your stop loss order to break even A trailing stop loss is an order to to exit when the market moves against you keeps a certain pace with price. Learn some of the best methods to set a trailing stop and stop loss limit and watch your profits grow. Search for: Search Button. For Inquiry : INT'L : (949) 481-2396 U.S: 1 (800)-515-0335 ; HOME; TRADING SYSTEMS AND EDUCATION. Active Day Trading - HVWT; ETF Investing; TRADING. Daytrading lernen in 5 Minuten: So werden Sie in kürzester Zeit erfolgreicher Daytrader. Kostenloser Einsteiger-Report enthüllt die 3 Geheimnisse des Daytradings. Jetzt anfordern The percentage method is commonly used by intraday traders to calculate stop loss. In the percentage method, all one has to do is assign the percentage of the stock price they are prepared to lose before exiting the trade. For instance, suppose you are content with your stock losing 10% of its value before you exit your trade Stop loss -$5 = 10% percentage of stop loss of price; Total risk with stop loss limit = $1,ooo which is 1% of total trading capital; The stop loss in correlation to total capital percentage at risk should be the biggest determinant of proper position sizing. If you have a small trading account and are all in on a trade with a 100% position size.

You wish to keep maximum risk for the options position to 30% in accordance to your options trading rules and therefore designed a stop loss to sell the call options if its value drops to $1.00 ($1.40 x 0.7 = $0.98). As you are day trading, you decided to monitor and execute this stop loss policy manually We'll go over a few common stop loss strategies for day trading here, in order to give you an idea of how the stop loss can be used in effective day trading. The first strategy, which we mentioned above, is the trailing stop loss. A trailing stop loss is an order which can be set at a specific percentage or dollar amount away from a security's current market price. Setting the trailing.

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Day trading options share most of the same rules discussed about day trading stocks. However, options will fluctuate a lot more than stocks, especially those that expire in the near term. If you are day trading options, your stop loss using the percentage method should not be 1-2% A trailing stop loss strategy should be used only in a trending market. where the trend is clearly visible, either an uptrend or downtrend. If a long day trade is entered at $40, a 10 cent trailing stop would be placed at $39.90. If the price then moved up to $40.10, the trailing stop would move to $40 If you make several successful trades a day, those percentage points will soon creep up. It's an ideal system for beginners. Whilst you learn through trial and error, losses can come thick and fast. This system will keep you in the game until you're a trading veteran armed with effective techniques for turning intraday profit. Application. Using targets and stop-loss orders is the most.

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  1. This post shows how an Excel backtest model can be used to calculate a trailing stop-loss for a trading strategy. You can now purchase spreadsheets directly from my website: Trading Spreadsheets. Trailing Stop-Losses. Trailing stops are popular among many different types of traders. The key aspect of them is to try to capture as much of a market move as possible. Turtle Traders used a.
  2. Trailing-Stop-Loss Gewinne sichern. Ganz automatisch. Gewinne absichern; Verluste begrenzen; Stop-Preis und Folgeabstand einfach eintragen ; Mit der Trailing-Stop-Loss Order im Verkauf können Sie die Gewinne automatisch laufen lassen bei konstantem Absicherungsniveau - Sie haben die Chance auf einen besseren Ausführungskurs bei Kursrückschlägen, ohne ständig den Markt beobachten zu.
  3. A percentage stop loss is expressed in terms of the percentage of your total equity. For example: if you invested 10000 for buying a stock, and you are willing to lose max 2% if the trade goes south. Then, you need to exit when the current equity value becomes 9800. In general, the percentage stop loss is more prevalent among system traders as it is independent of security's price. Calculate.
  4. Day Trading Strategy Initial Stop Loss. Place an initial stop loss a few cents below the most recent swing low once you have your entry signal. Sometimes this will be daily low, so far, but not always. This is where the stop loss starts. We are going to move it, but at the outset of our trade this is our risk. We can then base our position size on this stop loss amount. I have found the stop.
  5. g you are true swing trading, a 1% stop with a larger gap can..

There are 3 Methods to Calculate Stop Loss Percentage Method. In the Percentage method, the intraday trader fixes a percentage where the stop loss can be assigned. It is one of the most common methods used by day traders. In this method, the trader loses a fixed amount of loss as the percentage is decided beforehand. This method helps traders to make a decision that is free from any emotion. The day-to-day percentage difference in the price of any given instrument. In FX trading, a general Risk/Reward ratio used by trader is 1:2. We will use an example with a 1:2 Risk-Reward Ratio (1.5:3) Lets look at an example scenario: Economic Event: Germany Inflation Rate FX Pair: EUR/AUD FX Pair Open Price: 1.6297 Observation Period: 4 hours after the event Actual vs Forecast: Actual.

Many traders claim that a percentage stop loss is better in this case, as it adapts to both situations. This certainly makes sense and is very logical. However, what I discovered with my tests is a different reality. All the tests I run show that, in my strategies, a fixed-dollar stop works better than a percentage stop The stop loss is a tool that is used in the trading markets to mark points in the market where a trader no longer wishes to continue trading. This strategy is used extensively in the forex markets. stoploss — Sehen Sie sich die Trading Ideen, Strategien, Meinungen und Analysen absolut kostenlos an! — Indikatoren und Signal There are those who can live comfortably on what they make day trading, and there is the small percentage who will make a lot. In this article we will go over how much day traders can make and you will also learn more about day trading and how it works. Keep in mind there is also a large group of want-to-be traders who will fail, and never make any money. 1 Min. Deposit. $10 Exclusive.

Let's start off with the most basic type of stop: the percentage-based stop loss. But GBP/USD moves over 100 pips a day! He could easily get stopped out at the smallest move of GBP/USD. Because of the position limits his account is set to, he is basing his stop solely on how much he wants to lose instead of the given market conditions of GBP/USD. Let's see what happens next. And bam. Top 28 most successful day traders. Let's look at the most famous day traders!. 1. Ross Cameron. Ross Cameron is a successful day trader and in 2016 he reportedly made $222,244.91, though he doesn't boast about it and recognises that it could easily have been more or less.. He is highly active in promoting ways other people can trade like him and you can easily find out more about him online For day trading, a 10-period moving average will often highlight the current trend. You should then wait for a consolidation, which is at least three price bars that move mostly sideways, and enter the position if the price breaks out of the consolidation in the trending direction. This is a relatively simple and effective way to trade high volatility stocks Stop loss for day trading. If you planned on iq binary going long crude oil for example at 51.91 and place a 40 tick stop loss at 51.51, try to enter closer to your intended stop loss, lets say 51.71 and use a stop that is perhaps 10 ticks lower than the original one, 51.41 in this example Using targets and stop-loss orders is the most effective way to implement the rule

Optimal Stop-Loss for Crypto Trading. QFX Research. Feb 26, 2019 · 8 min read. Stop-loss strategies are used by investors and traders to limit potential losses to acceptable levels, depending on. Scalping is day trading strategy, in which a trader holds a position for faction of seconds to a few minutes. Through out the day multiple trades are made to make a decent profit. There are three different types of scalping strategy: 1) Market Making, 2) Fractional Price Movement, 3) Signal based. Market Making: As per investopedia, in this strategy a trader tries to capitalize on the spread. This indicator takes the average of a series of ATR to calculate what I would consider an optimum stop loss placement represented in percentage (read below for full overview). While the data is plotted what is most helpful are the actual numbers presented and for my charts I remove most of the plotting. This indicator is most helpful on the daily timeframe but can be used for all timeframes. Also I would recommend swing trading over day trading. Just week to week. Every Sunday look at the charts on Sunday. Pre place an order or two and set it and forget it. Come back next week to see if you won or lost. Limit your risk to reward to 3:1 and risk losing no more than 1% of your total account size How stop loss works in trading. What is a stop loss order? Put simply, risk-averse traders and investors will consider developing a stop loss strategy to protect their investments. A stop-loss order is triggered in the market once the price of an asset drops beneath the stop price specified by the trader. In this scenario, the market order would be executed, selling at the next available price.

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To set a stop loss and take profit in a proper way, you'll have to consider the characteristics of the trading strategy. For instance, a mean reversion strategy will behave quite differently from a trend following strategy, which requires a somewhat different approach. This applies both to the stop loss distance and exit method that should be used A stop loss order automatically executes a market buy or market sell when a specific price is reached. It's an extremely useful tool for maintaining a predictable level of risk when margin trading. Many crypto traders choose to set stop loss orders 1-2% from the intended direction of their trades. For example, if Bob opens a BTC long at USD6.

Learn more about what makes up the best day trading strategies you can implement, including detailed examples. Choose from 3 best online day trading broker When taking a short-term bullish trade, I like to set my stop loss at a price that is 50% of an average day range below the entry level. If a short position is taken, I set a stop loss 0.5 ADR (average day range) above entry price. Choose a stop loss percentage that fits your risk profile A stop-loss removes human emotion, which can often interfere with logical day trading decisions. Setting a stop-loss order means the influence of emotion is no longer a fact and forces you to stick to your trading strategy. Specifying a price level to exit a trade removes the need to constantly monitor your trades in person. Forex markets are operating 24 hours a day, so it is not possible to. The main purpose of a stop loss is to ensure that losses won't grow too BIG. While this might sound obvious, there is a little more to this than you might assume. Imagine two traders, Kylie and Kendall. They both trade the same exact trading strategy with the only difference being their stop loss size. A profit Stop Loss and its proper position is the question that I am always asked. Stop loss is a must. You have to set a reasonable stop loss even if you are an intraday trader and you sit at the computer and watch the price movement and all your positions are closed at the end of your trading day.. Stop loss position is very important and you should be able to distinguish where to set it

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Our main reason for developing this free stock share percentage trading calculator was because we too were in a position to invest in some stocks but we had to manually calculate literally everything! So, in a nutshell, this free stock calculator will show you: #1 How much dollar value you should invest in based on your overall investment amount What is a Reasonable Stop Loss Percentage? From my experience, having a 2% stop loss means one will stop out too early. Similarly having a 5% stop loss means the losses are huge. So having anyway between 2 to 5% is a reasonable stop loss percentage. Again, it can also vary from position to positions. Positional traders can have a stop loss percentage close to 5% whereas swing trades can have a.

Average True range = ATR = Average Sum (MAX (BarHigh, PreviousBarClose) - MIN (BarLow, PreviousBarClose)) Average true range stop loss you can calculate as Daily ATR percentage or Weekly ATR percentage. By default, ATR indicator settings are 14 days. In trading, some traders use 24 or 30 too The Stop-loss order's purpose is to prevent additional losses if the price goes against the trading position. Trading involves several risks and minimizes them; various trading platforms offer several tools. One such tool is the stop-loss order. It acts as a protective shield for a trader's capital. It prevents excessive exposure of the trader's investment. Before the commencement of. Day trading is a kind of trading that involves the practice of purchasing and selling security within a single trading day. It's a short-term strategy that traders utilize to earn small profits from minute, intraday fluctuations in prices of securities or digital currencies. It occurs in any market place but is most common in the stock, forex, and cryptocurrency markets. Day traders never. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about Forex trading without a stop-loss.This article will also present you with a no stop-loss Forex strategy that you can use in your trading, as well as, a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of these types of strategies High probability trading strategies are a good starting point but you must also consider some other important metrics to help maximize your profitability. My best trader makes money only 63% of the time. Most traders make money only in the 50% to 55% range. That means you're going to be wrong a lot. If that's the case, you better make.

Improved Simple Strategy based on RSI, using overbought or oversold levels. Backtest: ETHPERP (FTX) - 30m Set STOP LOSS and GET PROFIT as a percentage (2% and 10% by default). If strategy.position_size != 0 algorithm convert percentages into points and set stop loss and take profit limit orders Money Management Summary. A general rule for equity markets is to never risk more than 2 percent of your capital on any one stock. This rule may not be suitable for long-term traders who enjoy higher risk-reward ratios but lower success rates. The rule should also not be applied in isolation: your biggest risk is market risk where most stocks. Remember that if you move the stop loss or take profit while the trade is open that gives you a different set of outcomes. Analyzing the Trade. To see how the stop-loss and take-profit levels shift for different trading timeframes, I can work out an envelope, which will give me a fixed win ratio. The graph below in Figure 4 shows this plotted.

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4 DIFFERENT TYPES OF STOP LOSS ORDERS. Here are 4 main types of stop loss orders and here they are: Percentage stop loss order-this is where you first determine what percentage of your forex trading account you are willing to risk on each trade and then place your stop loss order at the price level where you risk will be exactly that if price goes against you Using the same example as above: Short Options: - Sold a Put at @ $1.0 - Stop Loss at 80%, - Close position if the Put market price reaches $1.80 - Day 1, end of day EOD price: $1.60 - Day 2, EOD price: $1.95 In order for the price to get to $1.95, it would have to cross the $1.80 level. So it is sound to assume that your stop loss order would be executed at the $1.80 level. So the algorithm. The Percentage Rule. Some traders believe in determining a percentage of loss. For example, an investor may choose to place a stop-loss order at 10%, that is the stop loss will be triggered when the stock price reaches 10% below the buy price. This is one of the popular stop-loss strategies. Let us assume; you bought the stock of company ABC at Rs.100 per share. You placed a stop-loss at 10%. Stop loss percentage strategy for day trading options trading dividend risk. Pull up an option chain and look at a deep in-the-money put, preferably one in which the corresponding call has zero bid, which, if you recall from above, means that the strike has no extrinsic value. Because a news event may result in a sudden — and temporary — expansion of IV, with option prices moving higher.

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So in this example, we'll use a stop of 2.5x the ATR, which is a $14.87 wide stop loss, putting our stop loss at $180.55. Let's assume we're trading a $100,000 account and we want to risk 1% of our portfolio on each trade, this gives us a risk of $1,000 for the trade Day Trading Futures: Using Stop Loss Orders. Stop loss orders (also referred to as a stop-loss, or stops) is a tool that is used to exit a trade once its movement begins to lose money. Anytime the market starts to move against the trade; the system will automatically knock the trade on the market once the stop loss order price has been reached. To achieve the status of a highly successful. A stop loss is an order designed to force the closure of an open position at market. If it's a long position, a sell order is used; if it's a short position, a buy order is warranted. The functionality of a strong stop loss order should promote efficient trade by minimizing slippage and facilitating a timely market exit. However, optimizing these two key elements of trade depends largely.

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Lastly, frequent trading - especially stocks held for fewer than 30 days - can have considerable tax ramifications for investors. The tax rate for long-term capital gains is much lower than that of ordinary income, so it pays to hold onto investments (such as stocks) for long-term gain. How to Trade with Trailing Stop Loss. A trailing stop loss order is like automatic downside protection. Nearly every day, whether on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord, I see traders struggling to understand how to calculate their position sizes and generally make sense of leveraged trading. It can be.

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Stop loss for day trading. If you planned on iq binary going long crude oil for example at 51.91 and place a 40 tick stop loss at 51.51, try to enter closer to your intended stop loss, lets say 51.71 and use a stop that is perhaps 10 ticks lower than the original one, 51.41 in this example Using targets and stop-loss orders is the most effective way to implement the rule Setting a stop loss order is an important part of protecting your trading account. Discover 2 simple methods to determine a stop level in market conditions. Search for: Search Button. For Inquiry : INT'L : (949) 481-2396 U.S: 1 (800)-515-0335 ; HOME; TRADING SYSTEMS AND EDUCATION. Active Day Trading - HVWT; ETF Investing; TRADING EDUCATION AND GUIDES. Start Trading Options; Options Trading. The percentage stop loss is based on calculating a percentage of you trading account you are willing to risk in a trade, for example 2%. After that percentage risk is determined, the forex trader then uses position sizing to see how far away his stop loss can be placed from his entry price. For example, if you have a $10,000 forex trading account and you are risking 2% in a trade than that is.

Every day you don't learn something new is a lost day. Your trading plan must be improved and engineered constantly, otherwise you won't be relevant and your edge will disappear. The best content is available online and mainly for free. If you are into options trading, you must check out tastytrade, OptionAlpha and OIC. Those guys will teach you everything you need to know. It's really a. Eine Trailing-Stop-Loss-Order ist eine Stop-Loss-Order die sich bei steigenden Kursen automatisch nach oben anpasst. Bei einer Trailing Stop Loss Order erteilen Sie einen Stop Loss, der sich bei steigenden Kursen automatisch nach oben anpasst. Sie geben neben dem Stop Loss auch eine absolute oder prozentuale Differenz ein. Diese Differen A percentage stop is simply a stop-loss that is based on the percentage of a trading account. Unlike chart stops, percentage stops don't follow important technical levels but are simply placed at a level that, if hit, limits losses to the pre-specified trading account percentage. Bear in mind that percentage stops have no relation to the common trading practice of position sizing. Instead of.

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For those unfamiliar, there are really two types of stop loss orders: a stop loss market (or sell-stop) order, and a stop loss limit (or stop-limit) order. In both cases, the idea of a stop loss order is that the sale cannot be triggered until the market price of the stock (or ETF) falls below a specified threshold. So as long as. Another important aspect to day trading cryptocurrency is that you set yourself a stop loss. A stop-loss is when you enter a price that you want to automatically exit your trade. For example, if you bought Ethereum at a price of $700, you could set yourself a stop loss of 10%. This means that if the price of Ethereum went down to $630, the.

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3Commas SmartTrade tools also have the ability to automatically trail the Stop Loss value for you by a fixed percentage below the current chart price. As price rises, so will your Stop Loss price. If the asset falls below the threshold you set, the trade is closed. Either way, 3Commas enables you to set and forget your trade, alleviating some of the emotions associated with trading. Binance has a useful shortcut for entering the purchase amount and it is based on a percentage of your bitcoin balance (or any other appropriate trading pair). And click on the Buy NEO button. Since this is a market order, the trade for NEO should have completed instantly, but that is most likely not the case if you selected to limit or stop-limit order. To check on the status of your. Using our ATR Stop Loss calculation method, subtract the ATR value of $ 1.22 from the previous day's low of $ 51.06. In this way, you will have obtained the indication to set your stop loss at the price level of 49.84$. Let's check if this stop loss is graphically correct

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Stop-Loss Trading Stop-Loss Trading Table of contents. Basic Strategy Manual Approach Why using notify_order? Automating the approach Conclusion Script Usage The code Recursive Indicators 2017 2017 Down Jones 10 Day Streak Order History Renko Bricks Fund Tracking Release Whether because of trading halts or because it's the end of the trading day, a stop-loss can stay in force while trading is stopped. If trading resumes at a much lower price, your stop-loss may fall in the gap between the closing price and the price where trading resumes. If that happens, your stop-loss will trigger at a much lower price than. You might establish a trailing stop loss order of 10% instead of a traditional stop loss order at, say, $13.50. If the stock goes up to $20, you will still use the 10% level. This makes your stop loss order effective at $18 (10% below $20). If you had used a traditional stop loss, your order would have sold at $13.50, and you would have lost the profit you made when the stock went up Some of them are: Keep stop loss of x percentage below important support level. This percent can be as low as 0.1% for intra day to 2-3% for swing trading to 10-15% for long term trading. Support and resistance can be calculated by: 1. Drawing trendline. 2. Using Moving Average. 3. Bollinger Band. 4. Neck line of Head and Shoulder can be a good starting point. 5. Break out of Channel or other.

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