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The Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves, Joseph H. Silverman. (errata) Advanced Topics in the Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves, Joseph H. Silverman. Primes of the form x 2 +ny 2: Fermat, Class Field Theory, and Complex Multiplication, David A. Cox. The following two books give quite accessible introductions to elliptic curves from different perspectives. You may find them useful as supplemental reading. Joseph H. Silverman. Office: 202 Kassar House Phone (direct): (401) 863-1124 Phone (dept office): (401) 863-2708 Fax: (401) 863-9013 Email: joseph_silverman@brown.edu. Mailing Address: Mathematics Department Box 1917 Brown University Providence, RI 02912 USA Teaching Schedule: Academic 2020/2021 Fall - Math 1530 - Algebra - D hour (11:00 - 11:50) Zoom Spring - Math 1540 - Algebra - D hour. The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the book was printed. The following errata were submitted by our readers and approved as valid errors by the book's author or editor Silverman, Joseph H. Preview Buy Chapter 25,95 € Algorithmic Aspects of Elliptic Curves. Pages 363-408. Silverman, Joseph H. Preview Buy Chapter 25,95 € Show next xx. Read this book on SpringerLink Download Preface 1 PDF (160.9 KB) Download Sample pages 1 PDF (566.2 KB) Download Table of contents PDF (198.9 KB) Author's Webpage and Errata; Buy this book eBook 39,99 € price for Spain. 422 ERRATA IN THE TEXT page 71 Problem 21, line +2: Change standard deviation σ2 to standard devia- tion σ page 71 Problem 23, at the center of the typeset equation, change andΣ to and Σ (i.e., add space) page 72 Problem24,line+1: Changenormaldensityforwhichσ ij = 0tonormal density with mean µ, σ ij =0 page 73 Problem 34, line +6-7: Change assume.

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[Silverman] = Silverman, Joseph H. The Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves. Springer-Verlag, 2009. ISBN: 9780387094939. (Errata (PDF)) [Preview with Google Books]. Online version. [Silverman (Advanced Topics)] = Silverman, Joseph H. Advanced Topics in the Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves. Springer-Verlag, 1994. ISBN: 9780387943251. Errata (PDF)). Online version. [Cox] = Cox, David A. Primes of the Form. Publications Read-Write Quorum Systems Made Practical Michael Whittaker, Aleksey Charapko, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Heidi Howard, Ion Stoica. PaPoC 2021. Interactive Checks for Coordination Avoidance Michael Whittaker, Joseph M. Hellerstein adshelp[at]cfa.harvard.edu The ADS is operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory under NASA Cooperative Agreement NNX16AC86 The Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves, 2nd edition, Joseph H. Silverman. Lectures. All classes will be online because of the pandemic. As a consequence of this format, I will aim to have our meetings be more discussion oriented than a standard lecture The Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves, Joseph H. Silverman. Advanced Topics in the Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves, Joseph H. Silverman. Primes of the form x 2 +ny 2: Fermat, Class Field Theory, and Complex Multiplication, David A. Cox. The following two books give quite accessible introductions to elliptic curves from different perspectives. You may find them useful as supplemental reading, but we.

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  1. Default is FALSE.Set to TRUE to retain the following in the returned value: x and y (or data), subset, and weights.The function update.earth and friends will use these if present instead of searching for them in the environment at the time update.earth is invoked. When the nfold argument is used with keepxy=TRUE, earth keeps more data and calls predict.earth multiple times to generate cv.oof.
  2. 2 ERRATA AND COMMENTS FOR AEC, 1ST EDITION, 2ND PRINTING exercise 2.15: (ii) should be omitted, since it is not implied by the others. (If there exists [D] 2Pic0(C) of exact order p, then a function twith div(t) = pDgives a counterexample. An explicit counterexample: take Cto be the elliptic curve y2 + xy= x3 + 1 over F 2, and take t= x.) Chapter 3: page 53, line 4: ord P(x) = 2 and ord P(y.
  3. well defined solvent network and His64 (Silverman & Lindskog, 1988). The regeneration of the zinc-bound hydroxyl permits the catalytic reaction cycle, the k cat /K m of the reaction is 120 M 1 ms 1, which means Zn-CAII has evolved to near catalytic perfection for the hydration/dehydration of CO 2 / HCO 3, as it is diffusion-rate limited.

> 36- Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes with Errata, > 4ed, Papoulis > 37- Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design ,2ed,by Donald A. Neamen > 38- Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits,4ed, by Grey and > Meyer > 39-Elements of Electromagnetics ,2ed+3ed,by Matthew N. O. Sadiku > 40-Microelectronic Circuits (4ed+5ed),by Sedra > 41-Microwave Engineering , 2ed,3ed,by. Dr. Richard A.Silverman was truly a one-of-a-kind scholar, teacher, mathematician, and gentleman with a keen grasp of just how to bring some of the more complicated formalisms of modern mathematics at least within reasonable and graspable proximity of his many students. I must admit that I did not use Dr. Silverman's book in studying the differential and integral calculus. I only wish that I. Friedman and Silverman [9] is recommended background reading for the MARS paper. Earth's backward pass uses code from the leapspackage [16] which is based on tech- niques in Miller [20]

by Sharon Hernes Silverman. Paperback. published in December 2018 Stackpole Books. $19.45 on Amazon. Ravelry receives a commission on purchases from Amazon Notes. Paperback published in December 2018 by Stackpole Books. errata. Berrywine Wrap; by Sharon Silverman; 1 45. Blox Shawl; by Sharon Silverman; 24. Cyndi Floral Lace Skirt; by Vicky Chan; 190. Damask Rose; by Katya Novikova; 3 515. Richard A. Silverman. it was amazing 5.00 · Rating details · 8 ratings · 0 reviews A self-contained text for an introductory course, this volume places strong emphasis on physical applications. Key elements of differential equations and linear algebra are introduced early and are consistently referenced, all theorems are proved using elementary methods, and numerous worked-out examples. Rational Points on Elliptic Curves Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics: Amazon.de: Joseph H. Silverman, John Tate: Fremdsprachige Büche Rational Points on Elliptic Curves (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) | Silverman, Joseph H., Tate, John | ISBN: 9783540978251 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon

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  1. In preparing Volume Contents and Index for Vol. 80, No. 4 (April 1944) the article beginning on page 383 of that number was inadvertently omitted. To complete the same, clip the following entries and paste on pages 409, 412 and v of that number. Atabrine, Excretion of in the urine of the human subject, 383 Kelsey, F. E., Oldham, F. K., Dearborn, E. H., Silverman, M., and Lewis, E. W
  2. Silverman et al. pp. 3895 - 3903 Errata. Erratum; GENITOURINARY CANCER. Defining Biochemical Recurrence of Prostate Cancer After Radical Prostatectomy: A Proposal for a Standardized Definition. Stephenson et al. pp. 3973 - 3978. Abstract | Full Text | PDF (83 KB) GENITOURINARY CANCER. Metabolic Syndrome in Men With Prostate Cancer Undergoing Long-Term Androgen-Deprivation Therapy.
  3. 3 Errata; 4 Program Notes; 5 Commercial Discography; 6 State Ratings; 7 Performances; 8 Works for Winds by this Composer; 9 Resources; General Info . Year: 2011 (arranged from 1999 orchestral work) Duration: c. 6:00 Difficulty: VI (see Ratings for explanation) Publisher: Adam B. Silverman Music Publications Cost: Score and Parts (print) - $150.00; (digital) - $80.00. Instrumentation. Full.
  4. A new book by Marissa Silverman. Menu. Quartet for the End of Time; Programs, Liner Notes, & Documents; Photos; Glossary & Errata; Author; Scroll down to content. Homepage. Interlacing material from previously unknown Russian archives, original recordings, photographs, and essays, Gregory Haimovsky: A Pianist's Odyssey to Freedom is the story of an extraordinary Russian concert pianist who.
  5. or alterations that improve the style or clarify the book. To see which printing of the book you have, look on the third page of the text itself, which faces the dedication page. At the bottom you will see: Printed in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 The last number at the right gives the number of the printing; thus, as.

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So I knew about the errata improvement to the three technology cards; I played with the printed copies and it worked out great. However, I was surprised to read that the Terraforming changed, and that the pile depletion leader bonus for survey and warfare got improved. Can I hear mor ERRATA Radiation Efects, 9, 257 (1 97 1) The title of this article should read: Luminescence from Implanted Zn Ions in GaAs The footnote on page 260 should read: This paper (543/21/58) was first presented.. . Basic Radiation Protection Principles and 0 rga nization By C. W. Easley, Health and Safety Department, TR W Systems Group, Redondo Beach, California. Contents: Introduction to. Errata This good news is that we are now in the 7th printing of the hardback copy of Mid-Range Glazes. All known errors have been fixed since the 4th ed. To find your edition look at page 4 and at the bottom is a series of numbers.whatever it starts with is your edition so..10,9,8,7,6,5 means 5th ed. or.10,9,8,7,6,5,4 means 4th, etc. Here are the known errors for the first and second. Note on 2nd Printing:This printing will be identical to the 1st Printing, except that all known errata will be corrected.. Component Photos (see slideshow at left) by Scott Mansfield.See Scott's Twitter for more.. LIVING RULES Living Rulebook (Updated July 2020) ; Living Playbook (Updated July 2020) ; Living Main PAC (Updated July 2020) ; Card & Counter Errata Visual Summary (Updated July 2020 Skip to Content . Browse All. Browse Categorie

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ISBN: 9780387094939. (Errata (PDF)) [Preview with Google Books]. Online version. ———. Advanced Topics in the Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves. Springer-Verlag, 1994. ISBN: 9780387943251. (Errata (PDF)). Online version. Cox, David A. Primes of the Form x 2 + ny 2: Fermat, Class Field Theory, and Complex Multiplication. Wiley-Interscience, 1989. ISBN: 9780471506546. (Errata (PDF)). Online. 3 Errata; 4 Program Notes; 5 Commercial Discography; 6 Media; 7 State Ratings; 8 Performances; 9 Works for Winds by this Composer; 10 Resources; General Info. Year: 2018 Duration: c. 4:25 Difficulty: V (see Ratings for explanation) Publisher: Adam B. Silverman Music Productions Cost: Score and Parts (print) - $150.00; (digital) - $80.00 (available 2020) Instrumentation. Full Score C Piccolo. Errata. Published changes or emendations to an earlier article, Silverman and Das Gupta, analyzed DNA samples from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients and healthy controls. A reexamination by Silverman and Das Gupta of the samples they used shows that some of the CFS peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) DNA preparations are contaminated with XMRV plasmid DNA (2). The following.

The official book website for a sample chapter, table of contents and errata can be found here. SSH Mastery, 2nd Edition OpenSSH, PuTTY, Tunnels and Keys by Michael W. Lucas ISBN-10: 1642350028 ISBN-13: 978-1642350029 February 2018, 242 pp. A guide to what you need to know about SSH. This book will help you eliminate passwords on your network, tunnel unencrypted protocols through secure. ERRATA. Issue Navigation. Table of Contents. POINT-COUNTERPOINT CAR T cells better than BiTEs. Clinical Trials & Observations Caroline Laverdiere, Jean-Marie Leclerc, Bruno Michon, Marshall A. Schorin, Jennifer J. G. Welch, Stephen E. Sallan, Lewis B. Silverman, Kara M. Kelly. View Article . Supplemental data. Reprinted with permission, Cleveland Clinic Center for Medical Art & Photography.

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Susana Chávez Silverman. Chasqui: revista de literatura latinoamericana, ISSN 0145-8973, Vol. 27, Nº. 1, 1998, págs. 33-46. Chicana Outlaws: Turning Our (Brown) Backs on La Ley del Papá(cito) Susana Chávez Silverman. Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses, ISSN 0211-5913, Nº 37, 1998, págs. 69-87. Colaboraciones en obras colectivas. La función de lo erótico en la poesía de Majorie. El tema de esta nueva entrega de la Revista de Artes Visuales Errata#, Geopolíticas del arte contemporáneo, emerge de diversas discusiones que han cruzado por elcomité editorial y que. BibTeX @MISC{Ahuja_journalof, author = {Om P. Ahuja and H. Silverman}, title = {Journal of Inequalities in Pure and Applied Mathematics ERRATA: INEQUALITIES ASSOCIATING HYPERGEOMETRIC FUNCTIONS WITH PLANER HARMONIC MAPPINGS}, year = {}

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l a d e v o r g a n g. Vibrio parahaemolyticus has two distinct cell types, the swimmer cell and the swarmer cell, adapted for locomotion in different circumstances. The swimmer cell, produced when the bacterium is grown in liquid media, is a short rod with a single sheathed polar flagellum. The swarmer cell, produced when V. parahaemolyticus is grown on solidified media, is greatly elongated and synthesizes, in. ERRATA. Determination of the Parities of Strange Particles from Dispersion Relations Saul Barshay Phys. Rev. Lett. 1, 263 (1958) - Published 1 October 1958. PDF HTML. F and V Centers Thermoluminescent Recombination G. Bonfiglioli, P. Brovetto, and C. Cortese Phys. Rev. Lett. 1, 263 (1958) - Published 1 October 1958. PDF HTML. Electric Dipole Moment of the Muon D. Berley, R. L. Garwin, G. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg Errata. Errata changes made on 8/17/20: Section 3.3: Aronson 2018 citation was fixed (n was left out of the name). Section 3.3: In Figure 3.2, the year in the source was changed to 2018. Section 3.4: Rubix Life Sciences 2020 reference was corrected (was missing Life Sciences)

RFC 6090 Fundamental ECC February 2011 some of the algorithms in these standards, with a suitable choice of parameters and options. The specifics are itemized in Section 7.The rest of the note is organized as follows. Sections 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 furnish the necessary terminology and notation from modular arithmetic, group theory, and the theory of finite fields, respectively by Sharon Hernes Silverman. Paperback. published in December 2018 Stackpole Books. $19.45 on Amazon. Ravelry receives a commission on purchases from Amazon Notes. Paperback published in December 2018 by Stackpole Books. errata. Errata - Literaturverzeichnis Behmer, Markus/Krotz, Friedrich/Stöber, Rudolf/Winter, Carsten (Hrsg.) (2003): Medienentwicklung und gesellschaftlicher Wandel. Beiträge zu einer theoretischen und empirischen Herausforderung. Wiesbaden Devereux, Georges (1973): Angst und Methode in den Verhaltenswissenschaften. Münche Condron, D. J. (2011). Egalitarianism and Educational Excellence: Compatible Goals for Affluent Societies? Educational Researcher, 40(2), 47-55. (Original DOI: 10.3102/0013189X11401021)The wrong so..

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USB Battery Charging 1.2 Compliance Plan Revision 1.2 1 Revision History Revision Issue Date Author Comment 1.0 Oct 26, 2011 Pat Crowe First releas Hoffstein, Pipher, and Silverman provide a thorough treatment of the topics while keeping the material accessible. The book uses examples throughout the. Jeffrey Hoffstein (Author), Jill Pipher (Contributor), . Mathematical Cryptography (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) by Jeffrey Hoffstein Paperback $ An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography. Jeffrey Hoffstein, Jill Pipher, Joseph H. Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 1331, RFC 1332: Proposed Standard: RFC 1195: ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images, PS: Use of OSI IS-IS for routing in TCP/IP and dual environments : R.W. Callon: December 1990: Errata, Updated by RFC 1349, RFC 5302, RFC 5304: Proposed Standar Selling Culture : Bloomingdale's, the Metropolitan, the White House and the Merchandising of the New Aristocracy by Debora L. Silverman and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com

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. Doctor Marigold Charles Dickens. Dombey and Son Charles Dickens. Dombey and Son Charles Dickens. Footpath Way: An Anthology for Walkers. George Silverman's Explanation Charles Dickens. George Silverman's Explanation Charles Dickens. Going into Society Charles Dickens. Going into Society Charles Dickens The waffling ended when Josh Silverman, an alum of Ebay and Skype, took over as CEO in 2017 after shareholders complained that Etsy still wasn't sufficiently focused on growth. Silveman's strategy was to return Etsy's focus to its core marketplace. He swiftly ended all programs he didn't see as sales-driving and laid off quarter of the company, 230 people. His biggest reform was. Contact: Jaclyn Silverman, Division of Medical Oncology, Box 1178, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, One Gustave Levy Place. New York, NY 10029. Telephone: (212) 241-6772 or (212) 369-5440. Fifth International Workshop on Breast Cancer and Immunology, November 16-17, 1992, Miyako Hotel, San Francisco, CA. Contact: Carolyn Klinepeter, Cancer Research Fund of Contra Costa, 2055 North Broadway. Errata. Published changes or emendations to an earlier article, Silverman and Das Gupta, analyzed DNA samples from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients and healthy controls. A reexamination by Silverman and Das Gupta of the samples they used shows that some of the CFS peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) DNA preparations are contaminated with XMRV plasmid DNA (2). The following.

ERRATA Regulation and Function of Lactate Oxidation in Streptoccocusfaecium JACK LONDON NationalInstitute ofDentalResearch, andthe AmericanDentalAssociation, Bethesda, Maryland20014 Volume95, no. 4, pages 1380-1387. Arecent phenotypic characterization has established that the organism used in these studies is a typical representative ofthe Streptococcusfaecalis group Skip to Main Content. Close. Home; About CHEST Organization. Back; CHEST Organizatio A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory, J.H. Silverman, Prentice Hall, Fall 1996 Number Theory: an Introduction, D. Redmond, Pure and Applied Mathematics Series 201, Marcel Dekker 1996 Area, Lattice Points, and Exponential Sums, M.N. Huxley, LMS Monograph 13, OUP 1996 (with errata The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the book was printed. The following errata were submitted by our readers and have not yet been approved or disproved by the book's author or editor. They solely represent the opinion of the reader.. A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory (classic fourth edition) by Joseph H. Silverman, ISBN 978--13-468946-3. Click here to purchase your course materials through the Penn bookstore

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Linda Silverman 1997. Tra miti e leggende Il grande nemico della verità non è tanto la menzogna quanto il mito: persistente, persuasivo ed irrealistico John Fitzgerald Kennedy . Credenze e stereotipi inducono a credere che una persona dotata di capacità intellettive superiori debba considerarsi fortunata a priori, con un percorso di vita e di studi facilitati dalle sue doti. Il mito del. The Pourbaix diagrams (potential-pH diagrams) for chromium at 25-300 °C have been revised. The diagrams were calculated for two concentrations: 10 −6 and 10 −8 molal. Extrapolation of thermochemical data to elevated temperatures has been performed with the revised model of Helgeson-Kirkham-Flowers, which also allows uncharged aqueous complexes, such as Cr(OH) 3 (aq), to be handled Joseph H. Silverman. 0 / 0 . How much do you like this book? What's the quality of the file? Download the book for quality assessment. What's the quality of the downloaded files? A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory, Fourth Edition is designed to introduce readers to the overall themes and methodology of mathematics through the detailed study of one particular facet—number theory.

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Errata List; Contact; bernie_silverman. Queen´s Gambit. bernie_silverman. Leave a Comment. Cancel Reply. Submit. Shadowfist Community. Log In. Username: Password: Keep me signed in. Log In. Register Lost Password. Latest Posts. Great News!! November 18, 2019; Updating the events. April 8, 2019; We are back online!! March 20, 2019 ; Products. White Ninja Sleeves 5,00 € Inc. IVA; The Seven. La Soleggiata Azienda Agricola, Cerrione - Prodotti Agricoli - Produzione. Ottieni informazioni e leggi le recensioni sull'attività Silverman ED. Scintigraphic evaluation of duodenogastric reflux: problems, pitfalls, and technical review. Errata. PubMed; Google Scholar; Cited By... Cholescintigraphy for Differentiation of True Duodenal Obstruction from Pseudo Obstruction. Hepatobiliary Imaging. Sincalide: A Review of Clinical Utility, Proper Infusion Methodology, and Alternative Cholecystogogues . Regarding. A.L.I.V.E. with Jessica Silverman is dedicated to sharing healthy + inspired living practices to help you feel better in your body, calm your mind, and REVIVE your inner shine! Share your light, surrender the desire to be right

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27.7m Followers, 806 Following, 1,538 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata Book Description. The past decade has seen many advances in physical-layer wireless communication theory and their implementation in wireless systems. This textbook takes a unified view of the fundamentals of wireless communication and explains the web of concepts underpinning these advances at a level accessible to an audience with a basic. Sarah Silverman ruft über die Website www.thegreatschlep.com alle jungen Juden dazu auf, ihre jüdischen Verwandten in Florida (falls vorhanden) davon zu überzeugen, dass Barack Obama der bessere amerikanische Präsident ist. Dazu nennt sie knallharte Argumente, z.B. dass der Name Barack hebräisch ist und übersetzt Blitz heißt. John bedeute dagegen eher etwas wie. Errata: Anime on Nickelodeon posted on 2006-05-05 11:50 EDT by Christopher Macdonald Upcoming Co-Productions not the first ever anime for Nick . Although it has been a long time since Nickelodeon. Abraham Silverman, General Counsel, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities . Jon Wellinghoff, CEO, Grid Policy, Inc. Eric Wilkinson, Energy Policy Analyst, North America, Orsted . This panel will explore whether and how existing RTO/ISO generator interconnection and transmission interconnection frameworks could accommodate anticipated growth in offshore wind generation in the short and long.

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The Signal and the Noise: Why Most Predictions Fail - but Some Don't (alternatively stylized as The Signal and the Noise : Why So Many Predictions Fail - but Some Don't) is a 2012 book by Nate Silver detailing the art of using probability and statistics as applied to real-world circumstances. The book includes case studies from baseball, elections, climate change, the 2008 financial crash. Hoffstein, Pipher and Silverman have written as good a book as is possible to explain public key cryptography. This book would probably be best suited for a graduate course that focused on public key cryptography, for undergraduate independent study, or for the mathematician who wants to see how mathematics is used in public key cryptography. (Jintai Ding and Chris Christensen. A. I. Silverman and A. B. Boehm. 202X. Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of the Persistence of Enveloped Viruses in Environmental Waters and Wastewater in the Absence of Disinfectants. Submitted. J. Winter, G. Darmstadt, A. B. Boehm, J. Davis. 202X. The impact of on-premises piped water supply on fecal contamination pathways in rural Zambia Silverman v. Greenfield et al, No. 1:2016cv00110 - Document 112 (D. Colo. 2019) case opinion from the District of Colorado US Federal District Cour This study sought to understand the nature of scientific globalism during a global crisis, particularly COVID-19. Findings show that scientific globalism occurs differently when comparing COVID-19 publications with non-COVID-19 publications during as well as before the pandemic. Despite the tense geopolitical climate, countries increased their proportion of international collaboration and open.

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Cohomology of Number Fields, J. Neukirch, A. Schmidt, K. Wingberg, Grundlehren Series 323, Springer 2000; plus errata. Bernhard Schmidt; Ralf Schmidt. The Sato-Tate Conjecture (Julian Rosen and Ralf Schmidt) Thomas Schmidt; Wolfgang Schmidt . Wikipedia article about Wolfgang Schmidt; Analytic Number Theory, Essays in Honour of Klaus Roth, Ed. William Chen, Timothy Gowers, Heini Halberstam. Posts about laura silverman written by rockher. THURSDAYS ON COMEDY CENTRAL, 10:30/9:30c. In a sitcom world saturated with way too many male comics and cheesy punch lines, Sarah Silverman is a breath of foul-mouthed air. The show follows a fictional Silverman through a typical day in her life Docket for Silverman v. Petaluma Animal Services Foundation, 4:18-cv-00451 — Brought to you by the RECAP Initiative and Free Law Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating high quality open legal information

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