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Unsere jüngsten Studien zur Konsumgüterindustrie. Der Erfolg von digitalen Angreifern und neuen Geschäftsmodellen hat die Konsumgüterindustrie grundlegend verändert. Nutzen Sie die wegweisenden Konsumgüter-Analysen von BCG, um die nächsten Schritte Ihres Unternehmens zu planen. MANAGING THROUGH COVID-19. VALUE CREATION AND GROWTH We begin our consumer products consulting services by partnering with you to define, test, and prove how advanced data collection and analysis, AI, digital supply chain, and other enhancements will create value—before expanding or embedding these capabilities in your operating model. We automate what's transactional and create cross-functional teams to harness the ingenuity and innovation you'll need to meet consumers' changing demands Die auf Konsumgüter spezialisierten Berater und Branchenexperten von BCG unterstützen führende Unternehmen beim Entwickeln von Lösungen für ein schnelleres Wachstum, mehr Erfolg in der Digitalisierung, Lean Operations und vieles andere. Das sind einige von BCGs global und regional führenden Köpfe zu diesem Thema Meet Our Consumer Products Consultants. BCG's consumer products consultants and industry experts continue to partner with leading companies to arrive at solutions in accelerating growth, winning in digital, lean operations, and more. Here are some of BCG's global and regional leaders on this topic

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Consumers already wanted to know more about the origins of what they buy. Now, they are more focused than ever on health and safety and are showing strong support for the businesses in their local communities. A recent BCG survey examined how the pandemic has shifted global consumer attitudes toward environmental issues. Ninety percent of consumer respondents said they were equally or more concerned about these issues after the COVID-19 outbreak, and nearly 95% said they believed. To determine what that path could look like for FMCGs, a global team from BCG's Consumer Products sector conducted a landmark study of: • More than 80 companies, across sectors and geographies, dating back 15 years, to deconstruct the drivers of superior value creatio After 40 years of outperformance enabled by a widely used five-part success model, the global consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry struggled to grow over the last decade. Why? Because 12 disruptive trends have diluted the old success model for growing mass brands. Now the COVID-19 crisis is amplifying many of these trends, triggering an industry imperative to change

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  1. The retail and consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) sectors have seen such reversals in the past 15 years. In 2000, Kmart was the third-largest US retailer, with $36 billion in sales; by 2014, its annual revenues had declined by two-thirds. Over the same period, Amazon's annual sales grew to $89 billion from about $2.8 billion
  2. Come 2030, what will the consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) landscape in Western Europe look like? Several trends are already clear today and show no signs of reversing: for example, purchases in more and more product categories are migrating from offline to online channels, activist investors are slashing costs and ushering in a new wave of consolidation, and governments are imposing stricter regulations on CPG manufacturers. In light of these and other large-scale forces, CPG.
  3. Source: BCG CCI Global Consumer Attitudes and Needs research, China (N = 9100), September 2020; BCG COVID -19 Consumer Sentiment Survey, July-August, 2020 (N = 3,100- 3,800), unweighted, representative within ±3% of census or national demographics High digital & online spending is a strong dynamic in China's reboun
  4. Although many consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) leaders have come to terms with the crisis, they are still challenged to know what comes next. Seventy-nine percent of the executives responding to a survey believed that the COVID-19 crisis would have a lasting impact on their customers' needs in the next five years
  5. Trends that will shape the consumer goods industry The consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) industry's growth over the past quarter century has been nothing short of exhilarating. CPG companies have launched innovative products to meet an ever-growing array of human needs and desires. They have expanded rapidly into the burgeonin
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BCG's luxury goods consultants help clients to rightsize spending and prioritize digital and personalization efforts in both the front and back of the house—while still investing in long-term brand equity. Our work gives design-led luxury brands the ability to create the highest quality product, partner smarter in supply and distribution, digitally transform their businesses, and supercharge a new level of personalization across merchandising, marketing, and clienteling—in-store and. BCG delivers solutions through leading-edge management consulting along with technology and design, corporate and digital ventures—and business purpose. We work in a uniquely collaborative model across the firm and throughout all levels of the client organization, generating results that allow our clients to thrive. About BCG Consumer packaged goods, which were once purchased almost exclusively in stores, have moved into the digital battleground—that is, consumers are increasingly researching and buying them online. Recent surveys indicate that nearly one in four US households already shops for food and beverages online; our research suggests that the number of US consumers buying health and hygiene. Unilever, is a consumer goods producer multinational company. Unilever headquarter, is located in London, United Kingdom. Unilever was established in 1930, by the merger of margarine Company and soap.. BCG - Burning Consumer Goods e.U. Adresse: Blumeng 9. 1170 Wien. Tel.: 01 4811085. auf Karte anzeigen. Häufigste Nachnamen. Gruber (5580

Many consumer goods organizations are working to innovate their supply chains but aren't seeing significant ROI. In fact, almost half of digital pilots have little or no impact, and 34% have had only incremental impact according to a survey by BCG. Participants cited inadequate change management, functional silos, and a lack of technical. Source: BCG-Altagamma True-Luxury Global Consumer Insight Survey Dec 18/Jan 19 High social media interaction 95% use social media to interact with luxury brands, bloggers or social media peers regarding luxury brands and products • vs. 92 % Millennials • vs. 81% overall True-Luxury consumers influenced by sustainability when making purchases • vs. 64% Millennials • vs. 59% overall True. Source: BCG COVID -19 Consumer Sentiment Survey March 23-26, April 1720 2020, April 30- May 03 2020 (N = 2,106, N = 2,324, and N=- 1,327 respectively) Unlock the new normal

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We help consumer products companies become more successful by identifying where to focus to build the most value. We assist in accelerating brand and category growth, expanding into new markets or optimizing costs, to name just a few. Our consumer products practitioners combine deep industry expertise and experience in all major regions and functional areas with proven proprietary approaches. BCG-COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment Survey, April 24-27, 2020 (N = 2783 across US; unweighted) 2. DSR Digital Transformation Survey 2020 (n=217, as of April 30, 2020) 3. For Germany, Italy, US as of April 26, 2020; categories include consumer goods and retail, beauty and cosmetics, beverages, consumer electronics, fashion and apparel, jewelry and luxury products, furniture, restaurants and. The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is in the midst of structural changes: headwinds are intensi-fying, scale advantages are eroding, and negotiating power with retail players is waning. Despite these challenges, the best FMCG companies have been able to consistently create value in recent years. In 2017, BCG conducted its annual analysi Digital technologies are fundamentally reshaping both consumer demand and competitive dynamics at unprecedented rates within the consumer industry. BCG's consumer practice helps clients respond to industry disruption by redefining their channel strategies, transforming their organizations, and seizing competitive advantage. The practice serves clients across four main sectors - Consumer Products, Retail, Travel & Tourism, and Fashion & Luxury - and each of the four sectors covers a range.

Gehälter für Projektleiter Industrial Goods/Consumer Products bei BCG Digital Ventures können von €120.044 bis €129.459 reichen. Diese Schätzung basiert auf 1 Gehaltsangabe(n) für Projektleiter Industrial Goods/Consumer Products bei BCG Digital Ventures, die von Mitarbeitern gepostet oder mit statistischen Methoden berechnet wurden. Lassen Sie sich alle Gehälter für Projektleiter Industrial Goods/Consumer Products anzeigen, um zu sehen wie ein Vergleich im Jobmarkt. BCG's Center for Customer Insight in India (CCI) shares insights related to the COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment and Behavior in India. As the COVID situation in India continues to evolve, this periodic snapshot aims to understand the impact along four key dimensions highlighted in our series CHICAGO, May 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The US consumer packaged goods industry increased by 2.2% in 2019, outpacing 2018 growth of 2.0%, according to the eighth annual Boston Consulting Group (BCG. BCG-Burning Consumer Goods e, U, PortfolioPrivate Labels Single Size, Double Window, Run Out Slip, Slow Burning, Pressure Drop, Corresta Units, EPD, Do these terms sound unfamiliar to you? Not to us! The need for Rolling Papers, Cigarette Tubes, Rolling and Filling Machines is constantly rising and becoming more and more important on the smoker items market Consumer package good is an industrial term for trade that consumers utilize and restore consistently and includes; food, cosmetics, and washing items. The BCG Growth-Share Matrix is a planning mechanism that utilizes graphical demonstrations of an organization's products and services to help the enterprise decide what to trade, keep, or invest. Large consumer package goods (CPG) would use the.

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Managing Director - Leader Practice Area Consumer Goods BCG Platinion Apr. 2009 -Heute 12 Jahre 2 Monate. München, Bayern Manager Deloitte Apr. 2004 - März 2009 5 Jahre. Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. Consumer Packaged Goods industry expert with 15+ years of P&G brand management & BCG consulting experience. Proven track record across markets (Philippines, Indonesia, India, Australia, Japan, China). Deep category expert on OTC Healthcare & Oralcare, building billion-dollar brands Vicks, Oral-B. Consistently exceptional business results, delivers success in varied business and new business.

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Consumer Goods & FMCG. The consumer goods and FMCG market continuously adapts to evolving consumer demand and trends. Digital innovation, the coronavirus pandemic, and an increased focus on. Presently working with BCG as a Consumer Goods expert, Avijeet was part of Business Leadership program at Colgate-Palmolive India wherein he works on strategic initiatives for Marketing, Distribution and Supply-chain. He designed media campaign strategy for E-Commerce by evaluating ROI and impact of various media activities What is more, the evidence, from fast-moving consumer goods markets at least, is that the most typical pattern is of very low growth, less than 1 per cent per annum. This is outside the range normally considered in BCG Matrix work, which may make application of this form of analysis unworkable in many markets As closely related industries, retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) trends must be closely monitored by retail CIOs. BCG's IT Benchmarking Study identified three key attributes of IT innovation leaders to overcome some of the daily obstacles CIOs face. 1. Funding Novel Technology - IT advancements require more broadly scoped budgets to. However, our research at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)'s Center for Customer Insights (CCI) has found that the mindsets of global consumers remain far from homogenous. Consumer attitudes vary significantly from one market to the next across a wide range of goods and services. In fact, these geographical differences are just as pronounced within demographic segments that are often regarded as.

  1. Unilever: BCG Matrix. Unilever is officially the world's third largest consumer goods company, behind Procter & Gamble and Nestle, having generated a turnover of €49.8 billion in 2013, across its staggering 400+ brands. It is often said however that the company focuses on just 14 brands - those that each generate sales of €1+ billion
  2. Case Study Beispiel Consumer Goods: Boy's und Girl's Windeln. Der folgende Case aus dem Bereich Consumer Goods stammt aus einem Vorstellungsgespräch bei der Boston Consulting Group. Wir bieten dir diese Case Study auch als Download an. Unser Klient, ein großer Konsumgüterproduzent, brachte vor einigen Jahren Boy's & Girl's Windeln auf den Markt
  3. Most consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) have struggled to find solid footing in a turbulent industry. Bain research has found that 34 of the world's top 50 consumer goods companies experienced a decline in revenues, profits or both in recent years, 1 forcing CPG executives to find new ways to compete. Emerging technologies, including AI, have given a sharp advantage to firms in other.
  4. Main industries include retail, consumer goods, travel, energy, financial services, telecom, consumer goods, among many others. Early in his career a technical profile, he has developed into a more well-rounded profile with business management and strategy consulting skills. Frequent lecturer in conferences and classrooms. International profile with working experience in multiple countries.
  5. Industry Analyst - Consumer Goods and Retail at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Professional Contact. Company Details. Work History. Update Profile View Full Profile. Andre Schaffrath's Professional Contact Details. Email (Verified) s**@bcg.com. Get Email Address. Headquarter (617) 973-1200. Location. London. Andre Schaffrath's Current Company Details. Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
  6. Bcg - Burning Consumer Goods e.U., Wien Blumengasse 9-11/2, Öffnungszeite
  7. Principal, Leiter Competence Center Retail + Consumer Goods INVERTO, A BCG Company Jan. 2015 -Heute 6 Jahre 4 Monate. Wien Senior Project Manager INVERTO, A BCG Company Juli 2013 - Dez. 2014 1 Jahr 6 Monate. Wien.

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry - 5 Digital Transformations Published on May 23, 2015 May 23, 2015 • 266 Likes • 20 Comment Firmenprofil Bcg - Burning Consumer Goods E.u. 338121m Alter:12 Jahre Telefon:01 481 10 85 Adresse:1170, Wie

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(Summary by Sonke Hee of the BCG perspective Top Trends in the CPG Supply Chain, which looks at the 2015 Supply Chain Benchmarking Study, produced by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and The Boston Consulting Group) Supply chain executives face the challenge of ambitious growth strategies whilst adapting and expanding into new growth channels BCG. 211 likes. This business sells products to encourage and uplift your life and the lives of persons you care about Consumer Goods. Growth Strategies. Sales. Marketing. Aftersales. Procurement. Product Development. Business and Operations Improvement. Post Merger Integration (PMI) Restructuring. Werdegang. Berufserfahrung von Andreas Gräf. Bis heute, seit Jan. 2017. Partner. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 11 Jahre und 8 Monate, Juni 2005 - Jan. 2017. Principal . Kearney. Logg Dich jetzt ein, um das ganze. Consumer Goods & Retail Interim Solutions Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Hospitality & Leisure Typically, these candidates will have spent time in top tier consulting firms like Booz, Bain, BCG and McKinsey or equivalent firms. These mandates are executed on both a Contingent & Retained Search basis. Over the last few years our Retail & Consumer practice have assisted a variety.

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A free inside look at BCG Digital Ventures salary trends based on 1 salaries wages for [jobTitleCount] jobs at BCG Digital Ventures. Salaries posted anonymously by BCG Digital Ventures employees Created Date: 2/14/2017 11:55:24 P Veeva Industries is a leading global provider of cloud-based software solutions for regulated industries such as consumer goods, chemical, cosmetics, and life sciences. Our applications enable. Various regions tend to specialize in different activities of the supply chain for semiconductors

This is the detailed BCG matrix analysis of Colgate-Palmolive Company which is one of the renowned company operating in consumer goods read more. BCG Matrix of Godrej . by adamkasi | Oct 19, 2016 | BCG Matrix Analysis. The BCG Matrix is a portfolio show created by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 1968. It has been advanced after some time through read more. Search for: Recent Posts. BCG. BOSTON, Jan. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Online shopping, new digital technologies, and increasing channel fragmentation are intensifying the pressures on US consumer packaged goods (CPG) supply. Die wichtigsten Informationen zum Unternehmen BCG - Burning Consumer Goods e.U. in 1170 Wien, Blumengasse 9, Tür 2, finden Sie im aktuellsten und zuverlässigsten Unternehmensverzeichnis Österreichs Vestiaire Collective x BCG: The Consumer Behind Fashion's Growing Secondhand Market The resale market is currently estimated to be worth $30 to $40 billion , with the market predicted to grow by a CAGR of 15% to 20% globally over the next 5 years, and even higher in developed markets, which could see a 100% YoY growth at the annual BCG Consumer Goods Practice function team of 6 35 teams Nominated from FINANCE 101, 102 at Harvard Universit

Those goods, which are comparatively easily available to the consumer without putting in any extra effort, are convenience goods. There are conveniently available to the customer in a wider variety. Convenience goods are normally non durable, and are of a relatively low value like fast foods, cigarettes etc. Further these are classified into 2 categories Speed to Win - BCG Once you come out with such a great work there is a tremendous danger that anything else will just not be able to compete and be of similar Page 23/32 . Online Library Fmcg The Power Of Fast Moving Consumer Goodsgreatness, even though in isolation it still could be great. FMCG: The Power of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, by Greg Thain & John Bradley and published by First. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (or FMCG) are products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low price. Examples are beverages, packaged foods, toiletries, fruit, vegetables, and over-the-counter drugs. Another word for these type of products are Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). The reason that these kind of consumer goods have a short 'shelf life' is either because of the high consumer. Öffnungszeiten von Bcg - Burning Consumer Goods e.U. in Blumengasse 9-11/2, 1170, Hernals, Wien, Wien inklusive Kontaktdaten wie Adresse, Telefonnummer, Webseite. About this layoutThe classic framework developed by management consulting firm BCG. It is a variation on the 2 x 2 matrix. You can read more about the BCG growth share matrix here. How to use it in your presentationThis matrix has many applications. BCG developed to evaluate a brand portfolio, probably for a consumer goods manufacturer. Over time people have changed the axis definition to make.

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Vestiaire Collective x BCG: The Consumer Behind Fashion's Growing Secondhand Market. The resale market is currently estimated to be worth $30 to $40 billion, with the market predicted to grow by. Bcg cii report - one consumer, many interactions - december 2018. The report highlights the massive, unparalleled change the media and entertainment industry is going through, with the exponential growth of media and type of content available creating a trillion customer touch points. Social Samosa Manufacturers of consumer goods need a way to smoothly manage the flow of increasing returns. As end consumers continue to expect a friendly returns policy, you can also expect an increase as your retail partners return more products to you. Managing this complex interaction can be made simpler by using FedEx Supply Chain as your reverse logistics expert. As an innovator and industry leader in. COVID-19 Learnings for Consumer Goods: Supply Chain Efficiency vs. Resilience. 2020-03-19. To cope with the coronavirus pandemic, consumer goods and retail organizations need a holistic supply chain strategy built on a flexible and robust digital foundation that anticipates disruptions and provides proactive recommendations to keep pace with.

BCG and IRI Research Study Reports Promising CPG Growth in 2018 March 12, 2019 GMT CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar 12, 2019--After years of challenging industry dynamics, research released today by IRI ® and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) found slightly accelerated growth for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies in 2018 China consumer goods and retail service offers analysis, data and forecasts from The EIU to support industry executives' decision-makin Growth in the fast-moving consumer goods sector has slumped in the past four quarters in a row since July-September 2018, both by value and volume, as consumers shifted to cheaper daily essential brands in the urban markets and rural growth slowed.Value growth, or revenue earned, fell from 16.5% in July-September 2018 to 10% in the June quarter this year, according to industry officials. A global database of new consumer packaged goods launches in 86 markets. MINTEL HOUSEHOLD & PERSONAL CARE. The expert-led global market intelligence solution for the household and personal care sectors. MINTEL INDIAN CONSUMER. Unique data & local expertise, unlock everything about the Indian consumer. MINTEL MARKET SIZES. Market sizes, market shares and forecasts for 34 of the world's most.

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Although luxury goods companies were initially slow to adopt digital technologies, the pandemic has accelerated the shift to analyzing consumer data through artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) applications. However, physical stores which offer a unique customer experience will not be completely replaced by digital-only, and an agile omnichannel sales approach is needed. The secondary market for luxury goods has always existed in the shadow of the primary market, according to a report from the Boston Consulting Group, but that is beginning to change as demand for discounted pre-owned goods is giving rise to one of the fastest-growing areas of luxury. The management consulting firm estimates that luxury resale will grow at an average rate of 12. Unless companies understand consumers' unmet needs and create goods and services that have appeal, they will not win customers. In developing markets, consumer insight is more important than ever because the landscape is changing so rapidly and the rules of the road are being written on the fly. See publication. India Food Processing: Mission 2020 BCG-FICCI Nov 2011 The Consumer Practice.

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